Hernia Repair Binder & C-Section Surgery Recovery Belt

This unique hernia wrap applies compression to your abdomen as needed following abdominal hernia repair, C-section, liposuction, bladder surgery and more. The soft abdominal hernia support belt can ease pain, protect your incision site and speed healing. 

Detailed Description

Why You Need This C-Section and Hernia Support Belt

When it comes to shopping for an abdominal binder, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. From bodysuits that you step into and pull up over your abdomen to hysterectomy underwear.

The right abdominal support should be easy to use. Using the restroom shouldn’t be a big process. Fortunately, this abdominal brace for men and women is extremely simple, yet highly versatile. To see more, check out our entire line of abdominal supports!

The even compression and support this wrap applies help make it a good option for hernia treatment or postoperative recovery following surgeries such as:

  • Post hernia repair surgery

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Hysterectomy

  • Cesarean section

  • Laparotomy

  • Bladder surgery

  • Liposuction

  • Bariatric surgical treatment

What Is an Abdominal Hernia? (Do I Have One?)

An abdominal hernia refers to a protrusion of your intestine through an opening or weak area of the abdominal wall. While this does cause a noticeable bulge, it does not typically cause a lot of pain.

A hernia can occur in a number of places on your body, with the hernia’s classification depending upon where—one that develops around your belly button is known as an umbilical hernia, while an inguinal hernia might appear in the groin or scrotum area, for example. Learn the difference between abdominal strain and a hernia.

Thanks to the versatility of this abdominal hernia brace, it can help whether you are in need of an abdominal binder for an umbilical hernia or a femoral hernia in the leg.

How Do You Treat a Hernia with an Abdominal Binder?

Treatment of a hernia usually involves surgery due to the risk of your intestine becoming stuck in a hernia, which can block the intestine or cut off blood supply to the organ, which has a number of serious consequences.

Often you will need to wear a binder after abdominal hernia surgery to protect and help your incision heal. (Click here to learn more about the do’s and don’t of stomach surgery recovery.) Abdominal binders for hernia care might also be worn before surgery to prevent your hernia from occurring.

For some, surgery is not an option. In these cases, wearing an abdominal hernia binder can help keep pressure on the weak area of your abdominal wall, providing pain relief and preventing your hernia from popping out.

Do Postpartum Girdles Work?

Yes, wearing a postpartum belly band as soon as possible after childbirth, no matter if you delivered vaginally or with a C-section, works wonders for your healing process. For support during your pregnancy view our collection of maternity support belts.

The compression, along with the natural after-birth contractions that you have, pushes your uterus from the outside in, helping it find its pre-pregnancy shape and location. The same is true for your other abdominal organs, compression can help your stomach and intestines drop back into their previous position.

You should feel like your lower back is supported, even though your abdominal muscles are not yet able to do this job on their own.

In addition to this binder, we have also provided a list of the 5 best products to help ease pain, reduce discomfort, and improve the appearance of C-section incisions. Because after delivery, the last thing you want to worry about is painful incisions, scars, and discomfort.

4 Life-Changing Benefits of Wearing This Abdominal Hernia Belt

This tummy wrap has several life-changing features that make it stand out from other abdominal support braces. Following we list the top 4 reasons why people love this hernia truss belt.

  1. Highly Adjustable Recovery Belt

This abdominal hernia binder is a highly adjustable garment, fitting average to plus-size women and men. (See more plus-size braces.)

With only a single Velcro closure, this stomach wrap is easy to use and can be attached to any part of the brace. Meaning, this abdominal binder for hernia care can be adjusted to just about any body size. It also makes it very easy to adjust the degree of compression and support this abdominal hernia truss applies.

This versatility also eliminates some of the stress of picking the right size; if you’re in between the sizes for our abdominal wraps for hernia treatment, order the larger version and you can simply fasten it tighter.

  1. Low-Profile and Lightweight Fit

Made of breathable, 3 or 4-panel elastic, depending if you choose the 9 or 12-inch version, for comfort during extended wear. The low-profile, lightweight fit of these abdominal hernia belts fits easily and comfortably beneath your clothes.

Its premium-panel elastic design allows this hernia support belt to conform to your body shape, making it comfortable to sit, stand, or lay down in. The stitching also prevents this C-section band from rolling down or bunching.

Many users describe the flexible fit as being so comfortable you forget you’re even wearing a C-section wrap.

  1. Scientifically Proven to Speed up Your Healing Process

The comfortable compression this abdominal binder provides helps reduce swelling by boosting blood circulation, which promotes healing and protects your incision site after surgery.

But remember, it’s important to consult with your doctor or physical therapist about using abdominal supports after a C-section or abdominal surgery, as splinting is not right for everyone.

  1. Medical-grade Velcro

Another outstanding feature on this belly band is its Velcro closure, which is much stronger than most. That is because it is medical-grade Velcro, making it 10 times stronger than the retail-grade Velcro you’ll find on braces at Target, Walmart, or your local drugstore.

Medical-grade Velcro is meant to open and close 900 times, unlike retail-grade Velcro, which is only meant to open and close 90 times.

Frequently Asked Questions About This C-Section Binder and Belly Band

  • Who can wear it? Available in sizes S through XL, fitting a wide range of body circumferences, so anyone from average to morbidly obese adults can wear this abdominal bandage.

  • How do I know what size to get? Using a fabric tape measure, stand up and measure the circumference of your abdomen at its widest point. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the correct size.

  • What conditions does this hernia belt treat? This hernia support helps treat and provide support for hernias, diastasis recti, bladder problems, and abdominal muscle strain / injury. The splint also promotes healing postpartum or following hysterectomy, C-section, gastroplasty, liposuction, or abdominoplasty surgery.

  • How do I put it on? Position the binder behind your body making sure the Velcro strip is in your right hand facing inward. Wrap the binder around your body and secure with Velcro strip once you’ve reached a nice, snug fit. For some, it may be easier to lay down on top of the flat binder and then wrap it around yourself. If it is still too difficult or if you would like a tighter fit, have somebody help you apply the binder.

  • Can I wear this girdle over my shirt? Yes.

  • How tall is this support? Available in a 9” and 12” version.

  • What material is this brace made of? Made of latex-free, premium-panel elastic and a Velcro closure.

  • When should I wear it? This abdominal binder can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity. However, you should consult with your doctor before wearing any abdominal support for extended periods of time, such as while sleeping.

  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow binder to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use bleach or high temperatures to wash or dry.

  • Other features:

    • Unisex design means this abdominal binder can be worn by men or women.

    • Premium-panel elastic prevents the belt from rolling down.

    • Fits those with a larger waist or hip circumference.

  • Color: White.

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Customer Reviews

Hernia girl



This is a great product and much more comfortable than the binder given to me at the hospital.


This binder is soft and flexible, yet does a great job of providing abdominal support. It is a great value for the money. I have size 57" hips & ordered a size lg (60"-75") hips. It fits perfectly in that it is secure without being overly tight. No poking, priding or pinching like the binder given me in the hospital. The only problem is it folds up slightly In the back but that is the size of my hips not the binder. If it had stays in it perhaps it would not but then it would poke & pinch. Folding not wadding up in back is minor. Overall a great product.

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Hernia Repair Binder & C-Section Surgery Recovery Belt

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