Volleyball Ankle Brace

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This hinged ankle brace for volleyball ankle support has a neutral arch position and a contoured footplate, ensuring a comfortable, customized fit that encourages rapid healing of damaged ligaments so users can quickly get back on the volleyball court. 

Detailed Description

Volleyball Ankle Brace for Torn Ankle Ligaments

The repetitive jumping and side to side movements required in the sport of volleyball increases player's risk of injury to the foot and ankle. Inversion ankle sprains and strains are extremely common in volleyball. Overuse and excessive training in volleyball can also lead to heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and more.

If you’re experiencing symptoms any of these injuries, a volleyball ankle brace is a great treatment option to get you back on the volleyball court as soon as possible. This hinged ankle brace has a neutral arch position and a contoured footplate, ensuring a comfortable, customized fit. Of course, you should seek medical advice as well before you return to any physical activity.

The volleyball ankle support encourages rapid healing of damaged ligaments so users can quickly get back to weight bearing and an active lifestyle. When considering a hinged ankle brace for volleyball, this brace is an ideal choice because it offers both user comfort and ideal function. Plus it is extremely affordable compared to most hinged ankle braces.

The footplate of this hinged ankle support is contoured to the shape of the foot so it can properly and effectively support the arch of the affected foot. The neutral arch position of the rigid ankle brace also encourages a rapid recovery of the soft tissues in the ankle or foot.

The hinged ankle brace for torn ankle ligaments is anatomically designed to protect the foot and ankle against inversion and eversion movements, which can cause additional damage to the sprained ankle ligaments.

BraceAbility carries a wide variety of volleyball braces for other injuries and tears as well. 

Hinged Ankle Brace for Volleyball Players

Ankle sprains are extremely common in volleyball as well as other physical activities. A roll, twist or awkward turn of the ankle can either tear or stretch the ligaments of the ankle that are needed for stabilizing the joints and making sure the ankle does not move past its normal range of motion.

In most cases an ankle sprain can be treated through conservative treatments, such as taking over-the-counter pain killers, engaging in physical therapy to improve the strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance of the ankle once the swelling has subsided and wearing some sort of ankle support to prevent one from reinjuring the ankle when one gets back to normal activity of sports.

Initial steps for remedying ankle instability often involves engaging in strength exercises aiming at enabling other muscles to compensate for the instability created by the loose ligament(s). This is often done in conjunction with ankle taping or the use of an ankle support, such as the hinged ankle brace for volleyball ankle support.

Unfortunately, this is not always enough to repair the injury. In such instances, surgery may be considered. Following surgery, one will need to wear a plaster splint, followed by a cast or awalking boot. An ankle brace with hinges is sometimes used as a transition orthotic as one moves from a boot or cast back into everyday activity and sports.

Notable features of the hinged ankle brace for volleyball players:

  • Modified orthotic foot plate provides superior support of foot and arch

  • Neutral arch position promotes healing of injured ligaments

  • Superior arch support allows earlier weight bearing and returns to normal gait

  • Firm hook and loop closure gives adjustability to ensure a comfortable fit

  • Constructed of heavy duty copolymer for durability

  • Latex-free/non-irritating to the skin

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Volleyball Ankle Brace

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