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Turf Toe Pain Wrap

This toe splint holds the big toe (hallux) in an ideal position for healing and supports the metatarsophalangeal (the joint at the base of the toe, also known as MTP) in proper alignment. This speeds healing and protects the foot and toe against further injury. This is what is needed for treating conditions such as turf toe, bunions and other toe deformities.  See BraceAbility’s full line of toe protectors.

This brace for turf toe is highly adjustable. Indeed, the entire brace is made of soft Velcro material that can easily be adjusted so that it conforms to the contours of any foot. The big toe component of the splint for bunions is also adjustable. The additional Velcro strap helps to separate and pull the first metatarsal (big toe) away from the second, keeping them from rubbing together. 

The bunion brace is also quite comfortable to wear, unlike an uncomfortable hard bunion splint, thanks to its thin, lightweight material. If room permits, you may be able to wear this bunion wrap inside of your shoe to help prevent rubbing from occurring. For added convenience, the foot/toe splint is washable as well as latex-free.

Bunion & Turf Toe Treatment

Essentially, turf toe is a sprain of the middle joint at the base of the big toe that might occur when the toe is forced into hyperextension when the toe is fixed on the ground with the heel in the air. While this condition derives its name from injuries sustained on artificial turf, this injury can occur in a number of activities and sports.

As with other sprains, treatment involves following the steps of rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE). Rest involves taking a break from the activity that caused the injury in the first place and avoiding walking or putting weight on the foot. In some cases, a cam walking boot may also be necessary.

Another component of turf toe treatment involves immobilizing the MTP joint, which is where this brace for toe alignment can help. It also can help reduce stress on the plantar plate and provide needed support.

While a bunion is quite different than a turf toe sprain, treatment for this injury also involves reducing the amount of pressure on one’s big toe as well as following the steps of RICE to reduce swelling.  Check out BraceAbility’s full line of bunion splints.

Wearing roomy shoes with wide and deep toe boxes and avoiding high heels are also important for achieving relief from bunions, or an enlargement of the bone or tissue around the metatarsophalangeal joint. There are also a number of arch supports and other foot orthotics that can encourage even distribution of weight on the foot, which helps reduce discomfort stemming from bunions.

Turf Toe and Bunion Splint Solution

There are a number of reasons this bunion and turf toe brace is a popular choice. These include the following:

  • Maintains ideal positioning for the big toe
  • Promotes metatarsophalangeal joint alignment
  • Made of Velcro compatible material so it is highly adjustable
  • Conforms to any foot
  • Adjustable hallux positioning
  • Easy to apply thanks to Velcro closure
  • Thin and lightweight material
  • Can be worn inside a shoe
  • Washable
  • Latex-free
  • Available for right or left foot
  • Three sizes fitting foot circumferences 9" 12" (See sizing chart for more details.)
  • Neutral black color
Sizing chart for turf toe pain wrap. Available in sizes S-L.
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