White, circular hernia pad with a raised bump
Sizing chart shows the 4.5 inch diameter of the abdominal hernia pad
Raised bump on the pad prevents your hernia from popping out
Velcro backings on the pad will stick to most fabric binders and belts
Terrycloth silicone pad cover is soft and removable for easy washing
Remove Velcro cover on backside of hernia pad before applying
Topside view of this circular hernia pad for hernia truss belts and more

Replacement Pad for Hernia Belts & Supports

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Product Description

Why Do I Need This Hernia Pad for My Abdominal Hernia Discomfort?

This removable hernia pad is essential in relieving your hernia pain or discomfort. Although the only way to completely treat an abdominal hernia is to undergo surgery, wearing a hernia support band with a raised pad helps prevent your hernia from protruding out more while you wait for your procedure. It will also help relieve your pain especially when you move, twist, and cough. (Can you get a hernia from coughing? Read more to find out!) You can also wear this hernia pad after surgery to help protect your incision site and reduce the chance of your hernia from recurring.

What Are Abdominal Hernias?

An abdominal hernia is when your intestines or internal organs push through your abdomen muscles. This protrusion causes a noticeable bump or lump in the site of your hernia. Although hernias can occur in your groin, esophagus, and abdomen, this pad for hernia truss belts specifically treats those located in your stomach region. There are two specific kinds of abdomen hernias that this hernia pad helps - umbilical (belly button hernia/naval hernia) and incisional (ventral) hernias.

Abdominal hernias can be caused by many different factors such as being overweight, having multiple pregnancies, a past stomach surgery, and even having a chronic cough.

Features of This Hernia Pad Support for Abdominal Hernias

  • Fastener Closures Make This Pad Removable

This pad is secured by fastener, allowing you to position the pad anywhere on the belt, depending on the specific location of your hernia.

  • Raised Shape of the Pad Maximizes Pressure on Hernia

The raised bump of the hernia pad places maximum pressure directly on your hernia and helps prevent it from bulging out more. Wearing a belt with a pad helps your hernia extremely compared to wearing just an abdominal binder because the raised bump forces your internal organs to stay inside your stomach muscles.

  • Comfortable Yet Tough Enough to Support Your Hernia

The pad is comprised of silicone and plastic material, making it durable enough to support your umbilical hernia while also being comfortable against your skin.

  • Removable/Washable Cover

The removable cover is made of terrycloth fabric (100% polyester), making it soft against your stomach. The cover is also easily removed and washed.

Can I Wear This Pad With Other Abdominal Binders and Wraps?

Since the pad is removable and available to purchase separately, you can buy it to wear with a few of our other abdominal binders to help with your hernia pain. You can place this hernia pad on our hernia binder wrap, plus size bariatric abdominal binder, and post-surgical compression binder.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Removable Hernia Pad

What conditions does this hernia pad treat?

This pad is to be worn with a compression belt or binder to keep your hernia from popping out and for mild hernia pain relief. It’s a great tool for recovery after hernia repair surgery for abdominal hernias such as umbilical, paraumbilical, herniated belly button, ventral, lateral, epigastric, incisional, pregnancy hernias, and spigelian hernias. It also can be used as an alternative treatment for small hernias that don't need surgery, or while you are waiting to have surgery to keep your hernia in place and prevent it from getting worse.

Are there different sizes of hernia pads?

This hernia pad comes in one universal size.

How do I position the pad?

Position the pad on the inside of the belt based on the location of your hernia. Adjust the position of the pad as needed; the pad should put pressure directly on your hernia.

How do I adjust the hernia pad?

To adjust the location, simply remove the silicone pad that is secured by fastener closures and place it right on top of your hernia site.

How big is the pad?

The hernia pad is 4 ½” in diameter.

What material is this hernia pad made of?

Pad: Silicone with Polyester cover. Soft Removable Pad Cover: Lycra and Terrycloth fabric (85% Polyester, 15% Spandex). All components are latex-free.

Can I wash the hernia pad?

Before washing, remove the soft fabric cover of the hernia pad. Hand wash the fabric cover of the hernia pad in warm water with mild soap. Lay flat to air-dry. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

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