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Cramer Hip Flexor and Hamstring Compression Wrap

The unique design of these Cramer compression shorts for hip pain allows them to support the hip flexors, groin, hamstrings or quadriceps during or outside of athletic activity. The groin compression shorts come with two separate high-stretch straps for support to these areas.

One is a four-inch wide groin support strap that is eight feet long. This strap wraps around the hips and the top of one’s thigh, providing support to the groin and hip flexors. This eliminates the hassle of trying to learn how to wrap a groin injury, not to mention one can rest assured the groin support wrap will stay in place during athletic activity.

There is also a six-inch wide hamstring strap that wraps around the thigh, providing support and compression to the hamstring and quadriceps muscles.

The straps of these compression shorts for hamstring injury are highly adjustable in terms of fit thanks to their high-stretch material and the Velcro closure. The straps of the groin support shorts provide consistent pressure.

In addition, both of the straps of the Cramer GH2 support shorts can be detached. So if you are in need of hip flexor compression shorts, you can simply remove the strap around the quadriceps/hamstrings and vice versa. The straps can also be moved from leg to leg.

The athletic groin support is composed of fabric that is antimicrobial as well as moisture wicking. This makes it a great hip, hamstring, quadriceps or groin wrap for running and other athletic activity. (See our full line of sports braces.)

The compression the hamstring wrap brace as a whole applies encourages blood flow to this region of the body, which promotes healing and reduces pain and inflammation. This can also help with any stiffness associated with injuries to the hamstring, quads, groin, etc. For a simpler version without the straps, check out Cramer’s hamstring compression shorts.

The groin wrap and compression shorts both come in black. (The white straps in the photos are for illustration purposes).

Why Wear a Hip Flexor Wrap?

Mechanical dysfunction of one’s hip joint, trauma, overstretching or overworking one’s muscles can all lead to injuries to the hip flexors, groin, quads and hamstrings. Few athletes have not experienced pain in one or several of these areas at some point.

Such injuries can typically be remedied via conservative methods. This might include taking over-the-counter pain killers, activity modification, ice therapy and possibly use of a supportive garment such as these compression shorts for hip flexor injuries and more. 

Wearing Cramer’s compression shorts for hip injury or leg injury works in much the same as if one were to wrap the injury—but with much less fuss. How to wrap a groin pull can be tricky in terms of getting the placement just right and the tape to stay put. And if adjustment or retaping is needed, this can be an awkward area to tape in the middle of a game.

On the other hand, these hip flexor shorts provide much the same benefits (and then some) but in a much more convenient format.  Rather than researching how to wrap a groin strain, one can simply pull on the compression shorts, wrap the strap around the thigh for targeted compression and the secure it.

And besides the convenience factor, the compression applied by the compression groin shorts is also beneficial for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

The quad compression wrap comes with wraps at the hip/groin area and around the thigh. One can remove either of the straps, as needed for treating the groin or thigh injury. This also makes for a sleeker fit.

Features of Compression Shorts for Hip Pain with Groin and Thigh Wraps

The GH2 hip flexor support wrap by Cramer features an innovative design that simplifies how to wrap a groin strain, hip flexor injury, or pulled quadriceps or hamstring muscles. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Compression shorts with groin wrap and lower thigh strap support the groin, hip flexors, and the hamstring and quadriceps muscles
  • Compression shorts for sports use offer both muscle support and protection
  • Strap for hip flexor and groin support is four inches wide and eight feet long
  • Hip flexor strap wraps around hip and upper thigh for targeted support and compression
  • Six-inch wide strap for the lower thigh supports the quadriceps and hamstring
  • The fit of the wraps for groin injuries and more are highly adjustable
  • The straps of the hip compression shorts are quite stretchy
  • Straps of the hamstring support for running can be detached
  • Athletic compression shorts and groin support come in a black color
  • Material of groin support for is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial
  • Groin pull compression shorts ease pain, reduce inflammation and encourage healing
  • Hip wrap for hip flexors support comes in five sizes that fit waist circumferences of 26 to 44 inches
Sizing chart for Groin Support Shorts. Available is sizes S-2XL.
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