Cradle Medical Envelope Sling for Broken Arm and Shoulder Injuries


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L Code: A-4565

Arm Sling for Shoulder Fractures and Sprains

This shoulder subluxation sling is designed to immobilize and support the shoulder, elbow, and arm for treatment of several injuries and repairs. A few of the injuries and indications of this arm sling immobilizer include:

  • Rotator Cuff Injury or Repair
  • Shoulder Fracture
  • Shoulder Sprains
  • S/P Glenohumeral Acromioplasty
  • Arm Fracture
  • Shoulder Dislocation

These various injuries and surgical procedures require immobilizer of the shoulder and arm, often for an extended period of time. This particular arm sling immobilizer is both extremely effective in immobilizing the shoulder and comfortable for prolonged use.

The arm sling shoulder immobilizer is constructed of soft, breathable material that is latex free and comfortable against the skin. The shoulder abduction sling additionally features a neck pad on the shoulder strap for added patient comfort.

This arm support includes an envelope style pouch with hook and loop closure for quick and simple application and adjustment. The envelope component of the elbow sling is also adjustable, and can be folded to one’s desired length depending on the needs of their injury.

The arm sling shoulder immobilizer is offered in one universal size, accommodating to most patients. The universal fit of this arm sling support eliminates the hassle of measuring to determine sizing, and can easily be adjusted to a customized fit for the patient. 

BraceAbility offers a wide variety of other shoulder braces and supports for a wide range of injuries and post-surgical treatment.

Elevated Arm Sling for Broken or Dislocated Shoulder

There are a number of injuries and conditions in which an immobilizing arm sling may be necessary. Most injuries of the shoulder involve the ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

The most common shoulder injuries are caused by repetition and overuse of the shoulder. These injuries are common among athletes who frequently use their shoulders in the same motion, such as swimmers, tennis and baseball players, or lifters.  

If one’s shoulder is dislocated, one will first need to seek the help of a medical professional to get the top of the shoulder bone back in its socket. Afterward, rest and immobilization via a shoulder sling will be needed to allow the shoulder to recover and prevent the weakened joint from slipping back out of place. 

A rotator cuff tear is also a common injury requiring a sling arm support for immobilization. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that help hold the head of the humerus bone in the shoulder socket.

Minor tears to this group of soft tissues can usually be treated via rest through the use of an arm sling. If a full tear of the rotator cuff occurs, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage. 

Key Features of the Elevation Sling for Broken Shoulder

    • Indicated for rotator cuff injuries/repair, shoulder fractures, shoulder sprains, S/P Glenohumeral Acromioplasty, arm fractures, and shoulder dislocation.
    • Designed to immobilize and support the shoulder, elbow, and arm
    • Constructed of soft, breathable material
    • Features a neck pad on the shoulder strap for added patient comfort
    • Envelope style pouch with hook and loop closure
    • Quick and simple application and adjustment for a customized fit
    • Envelope component can be folded to one’s desired length
    • Offered in one universal size, accommodating to most patients
    • No trimming necessary
    • Simple black color 
    • Fits arm lengths up to 18" (measure from tip of elbow to wrist in inches)
    • 90% polyester and 10% cotton. All components are latex free.


Sizing chart for medical shoulder sling fits arm lengths up to 18 inches
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