braceability closed toe walking boot
The sizing on the closed toe, post-op shoe has sizes for men and women
dimensions of the medical walking boot
the square toe medical walking shoe protects bandaging or casts
our closed toe medical boot keeps your toes warm during the winter
the rocker bottom sole relieves plantar pressure by 25 percent
adjustable velcro straps are strong so the shoe will hold up
walking shoe with closed to for after surgery or injury
our shoe protects your feet in all weather
the tread on the walking shoe makes makes it great to wear in the snow
How to put on the closed toe medical shoe instruction sheet
to clean the closed to medical shoe, hand wash with a damp cloth

Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe / Foot Protection Boot

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Product Description

BraceAbility's Closed Toe Walking Boot

The BraceAbility closed toe medical walking shoe protection boot is a unique medical boot specifically designed to protect, support and treat the foot and toe from a wide variety of injuries and conditions.

braceability closed toe medical shoe

With the closed toe component of this medical boot, the medical shoe protects the toe and foot from further infection and pain, while also keeping the foot and toes warm and dry while walking, making it a great walking shoe for the colder months.

The medical foot boot also features a large, spacious square toe design, which allows patients to have additional room in the boot for swelling, bandages, socks, and other dressings that would require extra space.

For those who are no longer swelling or do not need bandages, the foot injury shoe has adjustable straps to increase compression and comfortability while walking during the recovery process.

A Medical Boot for Broken Toe and Foot

The closed toe walking boot is ideal for patients suffering from a broken toe or foot. With a closed toe protection feature, patients are able to walk outdoors or for a long period of time with their fractured toe and foot completely covered and protected. This will reduce the chance of further injury or infection, while also keeping the foot and toes dry and warm.

An added benefit of this walking boot for a broken foot is the rocker bottom design. This feature promotes a natural gait while walking and helps reduce plantar pressure, making it ideal for broken feet to reduce swelling and enable the patient to walk easily and normally during the recovery process.

The versatile square toe design of the medical boot makes it an excellent shoe for patients who need extra space with bandaging, casts, or a swollen foot.

Providing extra support and protection, patients are able to stay mobile while recovering from foot and toe injuries. By minimizing pressure on the painful areas of the foot, faster healing is able to take place and keep patients moving during the healing process. 

Surgical Boot Shoe for Foot Protection

This medical walking shoe is also ideal for post-surgical use in order to help the foot heal and reduce any associated pain. Through compression, the post-op walking boot boosts blood circulations, which helps reduce swelling that often occurs after surgery when individuals walk.

The fastener straps allow the patient to adjust the necessary comfortability and compression levels during the recovery process as swelling is reduced and bandages are removed. The closed toe feature protects the area of the foot that was operated on from infection, swelling, and pain. It also keeps the foot warm and dry while walking outdoors.

After foot surgery, swelling is very common. The wide square toe of the medical shoe allows room for this swelling and bandaging as well. As swelling reduces during the recovery process, patients are able to adjust the straps for a tighter fit.

This medical shoe is also ideal for protecting patients wearing casts or just having their cast removed. This post-op shoe is additionally constructed of EVA insole material with tricot foam for ideal comfortability and protection of the foot.

The surgical boot shoe features a lightweight design that is used to protect and provide comfort to the foot in order to ease pain that one may be experiencing. The boot is constructed of tricot foam that is both comfortable and durable for long-term use.

The elastic strap located on the top of the surgical boot prevents the walking boot from slipping off your foot. The fastener straps allow for a quick and simple application and removal process that is painless and noninvasive to one's injury.

Avoid further injury—preventing knee, hip, and back pain—due to leg length discrepancy when wearing a medical shoe with the Evenup Shoe Balancer. The Evenup is the easy way to “even up” leg length from your hip to the sole of your foot, making walking with a shoe safe and pain free.

evenup shoe balancer for BraceAbility walking boot

Closed Toe Medical Shoe Features

  • Comfortable, durable and customized fit
  • Tricot foam, nylon, and durable rubber sole
  • Allows for mobility while protecting your foot during the healing process after stress fractures, broken toes, bunionectomy and more.
  • Features adjustable straps for quick and simple application & removal
  • Rocker Sole to promote a natural gait 
  • Square toe design for extra protection of the toes
  • Can be worn on your right or left foot
  • Small weighs 7.9 ounces, Medium weights 8.5 ounces, Large weighs 10.3 ounces, and X-Large weighs 11.7 ounces.

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Customer Reviews
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Diane J.
United States United States

Shoe boot

It is the perfect covering for a partially amputee foot.

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Buil L.
United States United States

Great shoe for orthotics AFO

My foot brace is too big for regular shoes. This medical walking shoe is great alternative and has enable me to walk outside. Just need to buy two. Cannot do without.

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Gary M.
United States United States

I don't know what to enter here

The best brace I own. I have 3 different boots none as comfortable to walk in.. for my ankle problem it's great.

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
Renae C.
United States United States

Finally what I needed

This was exactly what I have been looking for. I made a few of my own before finding this website. Thank you

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Marcia S.
United States United States

Closed Toe Walking Shoes

Background:Paraplegic/Edema which leave my feet Looking like elephant feet, my Podiatric recommended theses since it was hard for me to find shoes/sold this same shoe for $80 each shoe When brace Ability sold it for $25 each shoe ; price friendly/same product/solving the same problem with my feet; great job brace ability- perfect fit for me.

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