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This wrist brace for arthritis of the hand warms, compresses and protects the wrist, helping to ease one’s discomfort. The neoprene wrist wrap includes a removable malleable palmar stay for added support. The wrap-around design of this arthritis wrist brace is easy to apply, and the material of which it is constructed is soft against the skin.

Neoprene Wrist Wrap for Arthritis of the Hand

This wrist compression wrap features a simple but effective design. The wrap supports, warms and compresses the wrist, all of which is a component of arthritis in hands treatment.  The compression promotes blood flow to the hand and wrist area, which speeds the removal of painful inflammation associated with arthritis in the hand. The warmth also reduces arthritis hands symptoms like pain and stiffness.

The soft loop neoprene hand brace includes a malleable palmar stay for additional support and protection. For a sleeker fit, one can simply remove the stay.

The arthritis hand brace is easy to apply thanks to its wrap-around design and hook-and-loop closure. This also makes it easy to easily adjust the degree of compression provided by such hand braces for arthritis.

To select what neoprene wrist splint will work best for you, you must only choose whether it is intended for the left or right hand… universal sizing means there is no need to stress oversizing.

This hand bandage wrap is quite versatile in terms of application. Outside of treatment for arthritis in the hands, it can also help with:

The brace for hand arthritis treatment leaves the fingers, thumb and much of the palm free, so it provides minimal restriction to one’s day to day life. This also ensures one does not lose muscle strength or mobility while wearing the hand wrap for CTS, arthritis and more.

The black wrist compression brace can be washed by hand using warm water and mild soap. This product should be air dried.

Treatment for Arthritis in Hands

Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” when it comes to arthritis treatment for the hands or any location in the body. But there are steps one can take to minimize its symptoms and to maintain the function of one’s joints.

The course of treatment will depend upon the severity of one’s condition, how many joints are affected, which hand is affected and one’s activity level, age, health, and lifestyle. Of course, you should consult a medical professional for advice on the best course of action.

Wearing hand splints for arthritis when one’s symptoms flare up is a common element of treatment. Wrist braces for arthritis ease stress stemming from use and other activities and they help support the joint.

As previously noted, the warmth and compression of this hand splint for arthritis can help with stiffness, grinding sensations, swelling and pain that are often symptoms of arthritis of the hand or wrist.

Another important consideration that this compression wrist wrap takes into account is that it should allow the function of the hand and wrist when it is worn. Not using the hand can lead to muscle deterioration known as atrophy. Muscle strength is important for stabilizing the joints.

For this same reason, arthritis braces for hands should be worn at intervals rather than continuously.

Besides wearing a hand and wrist compression brace, other common modes of treatment include taking anti-inflammatory medications to deal with pain and swelling, ingesting neutraceuticals (dietary supplements that may help rebuild cartilage), receiving anti-inflammatory medication injections or undergoing surgery when conservative methods fail to bring relief.

After surgery one will likely need to wear a cast or immobilizing splint for some time in addition to taking part in physical therapy to restore function to the hand and wrist.

Wrist Wrap and Arthritis in Hands Treatment

This versatile arthritis wrist wrap soothes one’s arthritis symptoms while not interfering with the function of the hand or wrist. Following is a list breaking down its key features.

  • Hand wrap for arthritis supports and protects the joints of the wrist and hand
  • Neoprene hand splint warms and compresses the hand and wrist
  • Lightweight arthritis wrist splint
  • Soft loop neoprene of which the compression wrist wrap is constructed is soft, flexible and durable
  • Carpal tunnel hand wrap has a malleable palmar stay that is removable
  • Hand orthotic for arthritis leaves the fingers and thumb free, promoting normal hand function that is important for preventing muscle degeneration
  • Arthritis hand support is eight inches long
  • Latex-free arthritis hand splint
  • Indications: Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains and strains and tendonitis of the wrist
  • Universal wrist/hand splint fits most adults
  • Wrap-around design of this splint for the hand is easy to apply and adjust thanks to its Velcro closure
  • Can be washed using warm water and soap
  • Black color of the wrist and hand support hides strains, dirt, etc.
Sizing chart for neoprene hand wrap fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches
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