Post Surgery Thumb Joint Immobilizer Plastic Splint

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This post-surgery thumb spica comfortably immobilizes the thumb as needed after a number of operations, without restricting the movement of the other fingers. The post-op thumb splint comes with two stockinette liners and the shell of the support is thin and lightweight, making this a very comfortable thumb immobilizer.
Detailed Description

Thumb Immobilizing Brace for After Surgery

Most of us are highly reliant on our fingers and thumb—more so than we are aware. When an injury occurs to these digits, a period of immobilization is often needed to truly rest them so that healing can occur. This is especially true after surgery. This thumb brace for use after surgery makes immobilization as pleasant of an experience as possible.

For one, the thumb spica for post-surgical care covers no more of the hand than is necessary. It immobilizes the thumb and is secured around the wrist but it leaves the other fingers and the bulk of the hand free from restriction. The immobilizer for the thumb is anatomically contoured for a comfortable fit

The shell of the post-op thumb splint is an ultra-thin rigid polyethylene material that is durable but lightweight. This resin material is often used to construct packaging and is resistant to chemicals. Therefore, you can use either mild soap or disinfectant and a damp cloth to clean the shell.

The surgical thumb brace comes with two under sleeves that further enhance user comfort. The stockinette material of which the liners are constructed is soft against the skin and breathable, providing a comfortable barrier between the thumb and wrist and the rigid parts of the thumb spica.

The inclusion of two undersleeves also makes care of the thumb immobilizer simpler. One can use the second sleeve of the set while the other removable liner is being hand washed and air dried. 

This low-profile thumb support for post-surgical care features an intentionally simple design. To apply the rigid thumb spica, one simply places the stockinette sleeve over the injured hand, puts the thumb into the splint and then wraps the strap around the wrist and secures its contact closure. Complicated assemblies increase the chances for application error and can make things difficult for one with only partial use of the hand.

This thumb support for after surgery or a cast removal can also help with the following conditions:

  • De Quervain’s syndrome
  • Thumb tendonitis
  • Gamekeeper’s thumb
  • Thumb strain/sprain

The thumb immobilizing spica comes with an affordable price tag so one is not needlessly adding to the already hefty medical bills associated with surgery.

Splint for Thumb Injuries and Thumb Surgery Recovery

We rely on our thumbs for many things, such as texting, typing, pinching, gripping or lifting a baby, but such motions can take a toll on its tissues, causing painful inflammation that can restrict one’s motion. That is often the case with various forms of thumb tendonitis, including de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and trigger thumb.

De Quervain’s syndrome is often brought on by repetitive hand or wrist movements or chronic overuse that irritates the sheaths that encase the tendons at the base of the thumb, restricting movement and causing pain. Trigger thumb occurs when the tendons of the thumb become inflamed to the point where one’s thumb gets stuck in the bent position and then straightens with a snap.

Conservative modes of treatment for both of these conditions involves immobilizing the thumb and wrist via a de Quervain’s support or trigger thumb brace like this, avoiding irritating activities, applying heat and ice therapy, and taking medication to manage pain and swelling.

In serious cases where this fails to bring relief, surgery to open the tendon sheath where movement is restricted may be needed. After such an outpatient procedure, one may need to wear a post-op thumb brace like this to immobilize and protect it while it is in a vulnerable state. This allows inflammation to subside and healing to occur in a protected environment.

This thumb orthotic can also help with conservative or post-operative care in instances of basal thumb arthritis. This relatively common form or arthritis refers to the wearing away of cartilage from the ends of the bones that form the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. This is often simply due to aging, and it causes pain and swelling and reduces one’s strength and range of motion.

Treatment for CMC arthritis typically involves a combination of medication and splints and, in severe cases, surgery. Again, this immobilizing thumb brace can help with surgical and non-surgical treatment of thumb arthritis.

A tear to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is another possible injury to the thumb where immobilization is a common mode of treatment. A sprain or tear to this ligament was common in Scottish game keeping in the past, and in present day it is a common skiing injury, thus it is also known as skiers’ or gamekeepers’ thumb. (See more braces for skiing and skiing injuries.)

Injuries that force the thumb too far back or to the side, especially if one falls on an outstretched hand with a ski pole in the palm can partially or fully tear this ligament of the thumb.

Full tears require surgery, after which a one will likely need to wear a lightweight cast to hold the thumb still while the ligament heals. Once the cast comes off, one might consider wearing this thumb splint for a limited amount of time.

Those with a partial UCL tear can usually get by with immobilizing the thumb for several weeks.

Key Features of Thumb Spica for Post-surgical Use

This versatile thumb splint is well suited for treating a number of injuries via conservative methods or after surgery. Following is a breakdown of the features that enable it to do so:

  • Anatomical design of these thumb splints make them comfortable
  • Immobilizes and supports the thumb
  • Leaves the fingers and much of the hand free for normal movement
  • Allowing finger movement helps lessen muscle atrophy while one’s thumb is immobilized
  • Treats De Quervain’s syndrome, skiers’ thumb (UCL tears), tendonitis, thumb strain/sprain, post-cast removal, post-surgery
  • Polyethylene thumb brace is rigid but lightweight
  • Ultra-thin material makes this a low-profile hand brace for thumb immobilization
  • Contact closures make the thumb wrap easy to apply and adjust
  •  Comes with two stockinette undersleeves for user comfort
  • Undersleeves sleeves are breathable and washable
  • Shell of the thumb/wrist support can be wiped lean using a damp cloth or disinfectant
  • This hard plastic thumb splint is white in color and can be easily cleaned

Sizing Chart

SizeWrist Circumference
S6" - 7"
M7" - 8"
L8" - 9"
XL9" - 10"
Measurement point: Wrist Circumference

Additional Information

L Code: L-3807

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Post Surgery Thumb Joint Immobilizer Plastic Splint

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