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      About Bort Medical

      Bort Medical has for over thirty years manufactured a variety of high-quality braces and supports that have a range of uses from post-operative care to sports rehabilitation. The company is committed to helping patients recover from long-term injuries and not just developing products that relieve short-term symptoms.

      ’Bort Medical’ was originally founded in 1981 in Germany however in 2006 the company underwent a merger. This merger led to a name change from ‘Bort Medical’ to ‘Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply, Inc.’. This was designed to make the company more competitive in American markets as well as the European one they were already thriving in.

      As well as a strong emphasis on patient care, Bort Medical maintains high standards of customer service. These two factors are what has made Bort Medical a large player in European markets and what is making them an up-and-coming company in American markets as well.

      What Makes Bort Products Unique?

      Bort-Swiss Medical manufactures a range of over 200 different products, each of which has a specific use in treating different orthopedic injuries. In order to maintain their high standards while continually releasing innovative new products every year, the company works closely with healthcare and design professionals while manufacturing products:

      • Physicians – to understand how best to treat different injuries and which injuries have a lack of high-quality supports or braces available for patients.
      • Therapists – these are the people who work day-to-day with patients treating injuries, so their input is vital in discovering important features for any new products.
      • Orthopedic Technicians – to find a different perspective on what features are important on braces and supports from the professionals who know about orthopedic injuries.
      • Designers – not every aspect of a new product is medically based, it is also important to ensure the materials used are comfortable, the shape will be secure and many other features.

      As well as involving professionals in the design process, ideas and feedback from customers are also incorporated into new products. Customers who have previously bought products from Bort-Swiss Medical know better than anyone what needs to be improved for an effective brace or support.

      This close cooperation with healthcare professionals, designers and customers enable the products released by Bort-Swiss Medical to be both innovative and patient orientated, for a better experience and more effective medical treatment.

      Which Medical Conditions are Treated by Bort Braces and Supports?

      Bort-Swiss Medical makes a huge variety of different products for essentially every orthopedic injury, but here are some of the most common general categories treatable by popular braces or supports:

      • Back Pain – a complaint with numerous causes that affects 1 in 3 people at least once a year, Bort-Swiss Medical make a range of products for specific back conditions.
      • Knee Injuries – the knee joint withstands a large amount of force throughout the day, and this can be exacerbated by vigorous exercise. The complexity of the joint means injuries can affect it in different ways, so it is important to find the correct brace or support.
      • Hand Injuries – our hands are essential to making every aspect of life more convenient. It is not until they become damaged that this becomes apparent, so Bort-Swiss Medical braces help to make life easier, even with a condition that affects the hand.
      • Arm Injuries – the human arm is the most flexible extremity, and so the common functions it is required for are hampered when this flexibility is reduced. Braces and supports can help to restore this flexibility while ensuring no further damage occurs.
      • Hallux Valgus – the misalignment of the big toe can cause protrusions of the joint, which can become susceptible to painful infections. Braces may help to restore the joint to the correct position.
      • Heel Spur – the tendons that attach the muscles of the foot to the heel bone can become inflamed through overstraining leading to micro-injuries. The symptoms are painful when walking, but braces and supports can help to reduce symptoms so that normal activities can be undertaken.
      • Femoral Neck Fracture – common in elderly people, or those who may have general movement instability. Bracing and supports can help to stabilize the hips leading to fewer falls which could result in painful conditions like femoral neck fractures.

      As with all of the medical products manufactured by Bort-Swiss Medical, they are specific to certain kinds of injuries and so, therefore, a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional should be sought before use.