5 Awesome Sports Blogs You've Never Heard Of

Calling all sports fanatics! Are you tired of the same old sports sites or looking for something new and different? We’ve got you covered! We did the research for you and pulled together 5 awesome sports blogs and websites you’ve probably never heard of.

Bacon Sports

bacon sports marketing blog and podcast

Bacon Sports is an awesome sports humor site and blog that aims to break the mold of what you would expect from a normal (and boring) sports blog. They have hilarious articles about today’s sports with occasional throwback twists- and they write about bacon, too! (hence the name). So why bacon, you ask? According to their page, they decided to combine two of the greatest things on earth: bacon and sports. They claim that most people who love sports also love bacon. This quirky sports blogs has sports trivia, bacon recipes, funny podcasts, fantasy games, and comedy articles about every major league team you can think of. Check it out and join the fun!   

Sports Rants

Sportsrants social media blog about sports talk

Sports Rants is a social media community and blog that is 100% dedicated to sports talk. Sports Rants allows you to connect with other sports fans to share your thoughts and opinions (or rant) about different teams and players. The site even allows you to communicate in forums and start your very own sports blog using their page. Sports Rants has various categories where you can “rant”, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more. They even have sections for racing, golf, cricket, boxing, and every sport you can think of. Follow European sports? They’ve got a rant page for that too. So quit yelling at the TV, it doesn’t care. Rant with Sports Rants.   

River Ave Blues

river ave blues sports blog about the New York Yankees

River Ave Blues is a unique sports blog about the New York Yankees. The articles on River Ave Blues are mainly commentary and analysis of the team. Each day you can find 3-5 new blog posts about the state of the team, analysis of player trends, and the latest breaking news of the New York Yankees. Join River Ave Blues for their Monday’s Fan Confidence Poll, Friday’s Mailbag and Live Chat, and Mike Axisa’s (founder of River Ave Blues)  “Thoughts On” weekly column. And if that isn’t enough for you crazy Yankee fans, they also offer the RAB Daily Digest, a collection of news, articles, and commentary from River Ave Blues and around the web.   

The Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies sports blog about adventorous and outdoors extreme sports

Alright, it’s time to take a break from the mainstream sports and get into the adventurous, outdoorsy sports! For you adventure enthusiasts out there, this blog will be your new favorite resource. The Adventure Junkies website was created to help people live a life of adventure and excitement. The two authors, Antonio and Amanda, travel the world and write about their adventures and traveling lifestyle. They write about their world adventures such as bicycle touring, hiking, canyoning, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and more. They also share stories from the road to give their readers updates. These experienced travelers also give advice on planning, budget, and travel gear for your world adventures. They also have beautiful pictures from all over the world that are definitely worth checking out! Start planning your next adventure with Adventure Junkies now!   

People For Bikes

people for bikes blog and podcast for cycling and bicycle riding

People for Bikes is a movement to make cycling and riding better for everyone. They collaborate with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and even elected officials! They unite all of these people to create a powerful, united message about bicycling and its benefits. Their main goal is to make every bike ride better with their knowledge of cycling and different trials around the US. Follow the People for Bikes for the latest news, events, trails, and people in cycling! They also have many informational articles about bicycle laws in different states, the health benefits of biking, and more! Check it out now!

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