5 Best Products For Post C-Section Delivery

Congratulations! You made it through the hardest part - delivering a baby surgically (I guess you could call it a C-section, but this makes you sound tougher). Now that you finally have the baby you’ve been carrying for 9 months in your arms, the last thing you want to worry about is painful incisions, scars, and discomfort during the first couple of weeks with your new bundle of joy. We’ve provided a list of the 5 best products to help ease the pain, reduce discomfort, and improve the appearance of C-Section incisions so you can start changing diapers and getting up in the middle of the night in no time! (The best part about motherhood, right?)

1)   Breast Feeding Pillow

my breast friend breast feeding pillow to help with new borns

Whether your C-Section delivery was planned or unexpected, many mothers are unable to breastfeed immediately after delivery due to pain and sensitivity of their incision from the procedure. It can be very difficult to nurse your newborn child when they are lying on your stomach and putting pressure on the incision. A nursing or breastfeeding pillow such as My Brest Friend (punny, huh?) will aid in supporting your baby while you breastfeed, while also keeping pressure off your stomach and incision. Breastfeeding is very important for both your baby’s health and the bondage between you and your child, therefore it’s extremely important that both you and your baby are comfortable and properly positioned while breastfeeding. My Brest Friend Original Pillow is the #1 bestseller on Amazon for Breastfeeding Pillows. This pillow is 100% cotton with soft plush fabric to keep your baby supported and comfortable.  My Brest Friend is the only nursing pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like other crescent shaped breastfeeding pillows, giving great support and security for both you and your baby.

2)   Scar Treatment Strips

ScarAway post c-section scar treatment strips to reduce tissure


Immediately following a C-Section delivery, many mothers experience scarring beginning to develop from the incision. ScarAway C-section Scar Treatment Strips are an extremely effective solution to healing and preventing new and old scars from C-section deliveries. These strips are pre-cut into 7 X 1.5-inch strips, perfectly fitting most C-section incisions.

According to Amazon customer reviews, many mothers said that ScarAway not only helped fade the appearance of scars but also helped with relieving the pain of their incision. Many customers wrote that the strips greatly reduced the pain, appearance, and itchiness of their scars in just a couple of weeks. After all, what mother wants to experience more pain after 9 months of pregnancy and surgical labor?

Although many lotions and creams for scars are equally effective for scar appearance, the ScarAway strips cover and protect the incision, preventing irritation from clothing that could worsen the pain from the cut. So start squeezing into those skinny jeans again, because this product serves as both a protective bandage and a scar healing treatment in one. Although I don’t have firsthand experience with this product, many mothers are satisfied with ScarAway Strips, and I would definitely consider using them if I ever undergo a C-section.

3)   Post-C-Section Belly Band

after c-section belly wrap to keep excess and loose skin compressed

Postpartum belly binders are very popular for mothers who recently had a child, because they help keep excess and loose skin together through compression, helping you get into your old clothes faster and feeling comfortable in your skin. A C-section bellyband will hold in the excess skin while also decreasing pain and protecting the incision.

BraceAbility offers our very own After C-section Abdominal Binder Belly Band. This belly binder is designed to help decrease pain and increase comfort levels for women who recently had a C-Section. It’s also very important to protect the incision site from the procedure to avoid infection or irritation.

As a mother to a newborn child, you’ll be doing a lot of carrying, pushing, and running around, which can be very difficult for you if you’re experiencing pain and discomfort in your abdomen area from a C-section. A C-Section belly binder will protect the incision and put constant pressure on the abdomen to maximize comfort and allow you to care for your child without experiencing this discomfort.

4)   High Waist Incision Care Panty

c-panties high waisted incision care underwear for post child birth

Sure, high waisted shorts and pants are in right now, but what about high waisted panties? Okay, maybe they’re not for everyone. But they’re definitely for women who have had a C-section delivery. The C-Panties provide moderate compression right where your incision is, speeding recovery and reduces swelling and pain. What’s unique about the C-Panty is the fact that it's lined with silicone. Silicone compression will help skin retain moisture, minimizing scarring and itching and supporting weakened muscles. Amazon customers are raving about the C-Panty and the comfort and relief that they bring to new mothers. Lastly, the C-Panty is a great slimming tool to flatten your belly and decrease the appearance of your stomach. Clothes fit great over the C-Panty, and it can be worn anytime after delivery to 12 months. The recurring complaint from Amazon customers about the C-Panty is the fact that they tend to run small in size- so expect a tighter fit if you order your regular size!

5)   Stool Softener

after c-section birth laxative tablets to protect incisional scars

A C-Section is a major abdominal procedure involving anesthesia, therefore a common side effect involves gas and constipation sometimes lasting up to 6-8 weeks. (TMI, right?)  After a C-section, our body’s organs are settling back into their places, and your digestive system is on its way back to normal- so be patient! In the meantime, doctors suggest Stool Softeners such as Dulcolax Pink to get your bowel movements back to normal and running frequently again. This medication will speed up the process and make things far less painful than they already are.

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