Pediatric shoulder immobilizer arm sling for kids and children
Sizing chart for BraceAbility Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer fits kids chest circumferences up to 30 inches
The kids broken clavicle splint is a total arm immobilizer to secure arm after injury
Our Arm sling for childrens shoulder support provides enhanced durability with medical-grade fasteners
Your child can wear our shoulder immobilizer on either arm thanks to removable and adjustable straps
The BraceAbility kids arm sling makes recovery from a broken arm, dislocated shoulder, collarbone fracture, and post surgery simple
instruction sheet for how to put a shoulder sling on a child
to clean the pediatric shoulder immobilizer hand wash in warm water with mild detergent

Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer Arm Sling for Kids and Children

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Product Description

Why You Need This Children's Arm Sling for Shoulder Support

Even kids get injured! Toddlers, children, and youth need special care for their growing bones and muscles, especially after an injury. Arm slings for children are important because they protect your child from their own movement and outside forces following an injury.

Providing immobilization to even the littlest shoulders, this pediatric shoulder support aids your child’s healing process and prevents further damage.

It consists of a forearm cuff, humeral cuff, adjustable shoulder strap, and band that encircles your child’s torso. These features and more make this kids’ arm sling a comfortable and effective product for recovering from shoulder surgery and injuries including:

  • Clavicle fracture (broken collarbone)

  • Shoulder dislocation or subluxation

  • Shoulder strain

  • Fractured arm

  • Rotator cuff injury

Broken Clavicle Splint for Youth

Two of the most common shoulder injuries among children and adolescents include a break to their humerus (upper arm) or clavicle (collarbone) bone. The more common of the two injuries being broken collarbones since that bone is not well protected by fat or other tissue. Both of these breaks are often caused by a fall onto an outstretched arm or a direct hit to your child’s bone.

While surgery is sometimes needed to stabilize your child’s bone after a break, stabilizing their collarbone region or arm with a kids’ arm sling, figure 8 brace, or medical cast is often sufficient treatment.

4 Main Features of This Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer Sling

Shoulder injuries are common for active kids, especially athletes. The high demand of sports on the immature joints and bones of a youth can lead to ligament, tendon or muscle injuries. The features of this support help treat these injuries.

  1. Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Fasteners

Using the buckle, this adjustable shoulder strap can be loosened or tightened based on your child’s needs to eliminate irritation and pain.

Easy to use fasteners are perfect for custom sizing and quick application for children who are always on the go.  

  1. Open, Two Cuff Design

There are many situations when a child’s shoulder must be immobilized, but wearing a regular arm or shoulder sling does not always prevent your child’s shoulder from moving. Plus, having your arm encased in a sling can be unpleasant as well tiring to your wrist or hand. The open, cuffed design of BraceAbility’s youth arm sling eliminates these problems.

The forearm and humeral cuffs of this kids’ arm sling secure your child’s shoulder in place, without unnecessarily straining their arm or hand. This immobilization allows your child to heal from a variety of sudden impact or overuse injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, or clavicle fracture, and other children's sports injuries from football, baseball, swimming, tennis, etc.

  1. Comfortable, Foam Laminate Construction

This pediatric shoulder immobilizer is made of soft, foam laminate that is latex free. Although soft, this material is strong enough to hold up to your child’s (likely) high activity and energy levels.

  1. Broken Collarbone Sling Even Fits Toddlers

Fitting chest circumferences ranging from 20”-30”, this shoulder immobilizer is ideal for boys and girls of a wide variety of ages and shapes.

More specifically, this shoulder immobilizer best fits toddlers and children who wear child clothing sizes between 2T to 10.

If a bigger size is needed, check out BraceAbility’s Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Brace, which is available for rib circumference ranging from 24”-50”. For babies, we offer an infant elbow immobilizer for broken arm care and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Small Shoulder Sling for Children

  • What conditions/injuries does this collarbone wrap treat? It can help with many sources of clavicle, arm and shoulder pain, including a broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, fractured arm, or rotator cuff injury.

  • How does it work? This arm sling works by holding your child’s arm in place, which immobilizes their collarbone region and protects against damaging movements. This helps ease your child’s pain and gives their injury a chance to heal.

  • When should my child wear it? You should follow a doctor’s instructions regarding use. Typically, a doctor will recommend wearing a brace for a broken collarbone for around six to eight weeks. For children, that timeframe will likely be shorter. Your child will likely have to wear the collarbone protector both during the day and at night, taking it off for bathing.

  • What is this clavicle brace made of? Latex-free, foam laminate with fasteners.

  • Who can wear this support? This youth arm sling’s universal design covers rib circumferences ranging from 20” to 30”, making it ideal for children of a variety of ages and shapes. If a bigger size is needed, you can check out the BraceAbility Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Brace, which is available for rib circumferences ranging from 30”-44,” as well as in female- and male-contoured styles.

  • What are the dimensions of this orthopedic shoulder immobilizer? The body swathe (belt) is about 5” tall and 35” wide.

  • How do I put on this arm sling? Secure immobilizing swathe around your child’s chest area with cut out portion under their chest. Attach humeral cuff to immobilizing swathe securing with fasteners. Place shorter strap around the arm and secure by wrapping the long strap over the arm and fastening the back. Place adjustable shoulder strap over the unaffected shoulder and secure to the back of the immobilizing swathe. Secure wrist/hand cuff to immobilizing swathe. Wrap and secure wrist.

  • Washing Instructions: Close all fastener components and hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Lay flat to air dry. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

  • Other features:

    • Shoulder immobilizer can be worn on your child’s right or left arm.

    • Body swathe can be overlapped if it is too long.   

    • Fastener compatible body swathe allows you to customize the placement and position of your child’s wrist and shoulder.

  • Color: Black.

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