Plantar & Achilles Heel Spur Shoe Inserts - Silicone Pain Relief Gel Cup Cushions (Pair)


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What is a Heel Spur?

A bone spur is a calcium deposit causing a body protrusion on the underside of the heel bone.  They can also occur at any joint in the body, and most can be treated through therapy, therapeutic braces, and in the most severe cases surgery. For the most part they don’t amount to enough to cause pain and will dissipate before it ever gets to that point, but there are exceptions. You are putting yourself at risk for a heel spur if you:

  1. Run or jog, especially on hard surfaces
  2. Have poorly fitting shoes or if you lack an arch support in your shoes
  3. Excess weight and increased pressure load
  4. Bad form when walking excessively
  5. Increasing in age will put you further at risk
  6. Spend most of the day on your feet, or have frequent short bursts of physical activity

1 in 10 people suffer from a heel spur and need to treat the heel spur for their foot to return to optimal condition. The primary way a heel spur goes away is by dissolving the calcium deposit in the foot, which there are a number of ways to do. Symptoms of a heel spur can include: chronic pain while walking, jogging, or running, could feel like plantar fasciitis ( know the difference because a heel spur lasts all day whereas plantar fasciitis is sporadic and will fade as the day goes on).

How a Heel Spur Cushion Can Help You

The best news you’ll hear today is that heel spurs are treatable and you can find relief, and most do not need surgery. We understand how having a constant pain in your foot can be and how draining it can be on your mood and overall energy levels. Luckily though, there are treatments and solutions for heel spurs to get you (quite literally) back on your feet!

A heel cushion insert is designed to soften the blow from walking and absorb the shock the heel normally takes. The cup the heel is normally the first bone to contact the ground, and can result in a shocking amount of pain with a heel spur.

How to treat Heel Spurs

There are other home remedies that can help heal bone spurs, however when you’re wearing a brace you know that it’s working. Drinking some sort of elixir or getting a massage (which can be painful) you’ll never know if it’s working. With heel inserts or pads you know that every time you take a step you are taking less pain. If heel cushion inserts aren’t a good fit for you, we have a number of other options to choose from such as the Off-Loading Healing Shoe.

About the Heel Spur Cushion

  1. While the entire cushion is made of a formidable silicon or gel, the special blue dot is made of a softer silicon for more shock absorption
  2. The cup design forces the fatty pad of the heel downward for extra protection ideal for athletes or anyone with an active day or lifestyle
  3. Easily removable for putting in different shoes
  4. Minimalistic to focus on the heel spur and save money than buying an entire shoe insert
  5. Measured in shoe size for both men and women
the sizing for our plantar fasciitis heel cups come in sizes S-L
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