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Golfers’ Elbow Brace

Golf elbow treatment involves lessening the load on one’s elbow and giving the tender area a chance to heal. Wearing a golfers’ elbow support like this can help. This golfer’s elbow brace fits the forearm and elbow like an elbow sleeve for lightweight compression and support.  But this support has an added feature that optimizes it for epicondylitis treatment (AKA, golfers’ elbow): a circumferential strap.

This component of the golfer elbow brace helps absorb shock and counters pressure on the strained tendon. The 2-inch thick strap has a hook and loop closure for easy adjustment.

The golfer elbow brace is 10 inches long to encompass all affected areas. But the medial epicondylitis brace is lightweight and low-profile, ensuring minimal disruption to one’s activity. See more braces for sports.

The material of which this golfer elbow treatment is constructed has a number of unique qualities that make it ideal for active use. This neoprene-like material is superior in that it is breathable and moisture-wicking. Plus it has an anti-microbial nylon lining on both sides. These qualities make this a great brace whether one is engaging in golfers’ elbow treatment exercises or getting back into the swing of sports participation.

This foam-like material for treating golfers’ elbow is lightweight, ensuring a sleek fit that fits easily beneath one’s clothes if needed.

The elbow tendonitis support is free of latex, which is convenient for those with allergies to the material. See more braces for elbow tendonitis.

Golf Elbow Brace for Medial Epicondylitis Treatment

Golfer’s elbow, more formally known as medial epicondylitis, refers to damage to the tendons and muscles that control the wrist and fingers. This causes pain on the inner (medial) side of one’s elbow where the forearm muscle tendons attach to the bony bump on the inner part of the elbow. This pain might radiate to the forearm or wrist; one’s symptoms might also include stiffness of the elbow, weakness of the wrist or hands and numbness or tingling of the fingers.

Such discomfort is typically brought on by excessive or repetitive stress, especially forceful finger or wrist motions. An avid golfer may develop this condition, but it is by no means limited to this sport/activity.

Treatment for golfers’ elbow is usually non-surgical. One of the best methods when it comes to how to treat golfers’ elbow is to take care to warm up properly and exercise proper form when lifting, throwing or hitting.

Besides following the steps of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), a doctor might recommend reducing the load on one’s elbow via a brace for golfers’ elbow or a golfer elbow strap. This particular product is one of the best golfers’ elbow braces because it combines the compression and support of a brace for elbow tendonitis with the targeted support of an elbow strap.

The compression this golf elbow support applies helps reduce inflammation. Plus the sleeve and strap of this tendonitis brace for the elbow help distribute stress away from the elbow. It may also be worth considering wearing a wrist brace for golf and lifting activities for added support.  

The golfers’ elbow brace is easy to wear—one simply pulls it up the arm, positions it so that the strap applies compression to the painful area beneath the elbow. The Velcro closure of the strap makes it easy to adjust the amount of compression the elbow brace for golfers elbow applies.

This particular product stands out from other braces for golfers’ elbow thanks to its breathable, moisture-wicking material that makes for a cool fit.  Thus, this golf elbow cure can be a relatively comfortable experience.

Other golfers elbow treatments include: working to stretch and strengthen the problematic area, taking medications, receiving a cortisone injection and, in rare cases, surgery. BraceAbility also offers a number of elbow braces for post-operative use.

Key Features of Golf Elbow Treatment

  • Elbow brace for golfer’s elbow is constructed of a breathable, moisture-wicking material
  • Cool-fitting support for golfer elbow pain
  • Medial epicondylitis brace has anti-microbial nylon lining on both sides
  • Brace for elbow support is geared toward athletic use
  • Low-profile elbow pain support fits beneath one’s clothes
  • Lightweight elbow support for sports
  • Circumferential strap of this brace for golfers’ elbow care applies targeted compression
  • 2-inch thick golf elbow strap can be secured with a simple, hook and loop closure
  • Elbow strap helps distribute load way from sore tendons/muscles
  • Elbow sleeve for golfers’ elbow applies support and compression
  • Comfortable golfers’ elbow support is constructed of latex-free material
  • Brace for golf elbow is an efficient 10 inches long
  • Fits either the left or right forearm
  • Latex-free
  • Black elbow brace
  • Treats golfers’ elbow (medial epicondylitis), tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), elbow tendonitis
  • Sleeve for medial epicondylitis comes in numerous sizes based on the circumference of the forearm at its widest point:
    • Small: 9”-10”
    • Medium: 10”-11”
    • Large: 11”-12”
    • X-Large: 12”-14”
    • 2X-Large: 14” and up 
Sizing chart for golfers elbow brace. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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