The BraceAbility trigger finger immobilizer splint supports sprained or broken fingers
The sizing chart for the trigger finger broken finger splint is one size fits mosts with wrists up to 9 inches
Our adjustable trigger finger splint can treat a broken finger on the pink, ring, middle, or index fingers
Our breathable finger fracture splint has an eight inch aluminum splint to secure hold finger
The BraceAbility broken finger splint is made with a copper material to help promote blood flow and prevent odor
An adjustable aluminum splint makes our finger immobilizer perfect for mallet finger
Our at home trigger finger treatment splint allows you to recover without surgery allowing you to wear while you sleep
using the instruction sheet to put on the the finger splint, wrap top strap around top knuckle working your way down to wrist

Finger Immobilizer Splint | Support Brace for Trigger Finger, Sprained or Broken Knuckle Treatment

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Product Description

The 5 Best Broken Finger Splint Benefits

  1. Splint Offered in Universal Sizing

    Available in one, universal and adjustable size, this splint will work for most adult men and women. Not only is the finger fracture splint fully adjustable to fit, immobilize, and support each finger, but it can also be worn on the right or left hand. Finger splint straps can be adjusted for the best-personalized fit and level of comfort and compression for any injury, condition, or pain.

  2. Effective Straightening & Immobilization

    Whether you need to keep your trigger finger from locking up or need to keep your injured finger straight during recovery, this splint offers supportive immobilization and isolation. The splint features an open-finger design, only immobilizing your injured finger. The compression splint allows you to continue working with your hands performing daily activities such as typing, driving, using your phone, or writing, while still providing the support your healing finger needs.

  3. Adjustable Use on Any Finger

    Say goodbye to ineffective, one-time-use taping, or other flimsy finger sleeves that won’t hold up over time. This durable splint is reusable and designed to be adjusted to properly support and immobilize any finger. Not only is this trigger finger splint adjustable for differing levels of support and compression, but you can use this for your index, middle, pointer, or pinky finger.

  4. Speedy Recovery & Protection

    The key to effective and quick recovery is keeping your finger entirely immobilized, restricting any painful movements. By isolating potentially dangerous or painful movements, you can allow your joints, ligaments, and tendons to heal properly and fully while protecting you from any further damage and stress. This splint can effectively help you recover and relieve pain from a wide variety of finger injuries, pain, and conditions such as:

    • Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis)
    • Sprains or strains
    • Breaks or fractures
    • Mallet or baseball finger
    • Dupuytren contracture
    • Jammed finger treatment
    • Finger arthritis or gout

    Speak to your doctor or medical professional to ensure that this sprained finger splint is the right choice for your injury or pain before using it.

  5. Soft & Comfortable Materials

    Unlike most rigid, hard finger splints, this immobilizer was created with your comfort in mind. The mallet finger splint keeps your affected finger straightened and held in the correct position yet is soft to the touch. Whether you need to wear the splint during the day or while sleeping through the night, you can rest assured that your injured or healing finger will be fully covered in comfortable, breathable compression.

How Does This Trigger Finger Splint Work?

Trigger finger occurs when your finger catches and gets stuck in a bent position. In some cases, you may hear a clicking or snapping noise, like the sound of a trigger, when your finger releases, or unlocks into a normal position. This condition can be extremely painful and make performing daily activities that use your hands a struggle. Trigger finger surgery can be expensive and is not always an option. Luckily, this immobilizing splint can be a big help in reducing and managing trigger finger pain. Wear this splint can help reduce sore and stiff joints in your finger, holding it in place to prevent the finger from catching or locking up, all while giving your tendon a chance to fully heal.

Sprained Finger Treatment Brace Designed for Active Recovery

One of the best features of this finger immobilizer is that by wearing it for healing your injured finger, you can easily keep up with your daily activities. Quick and easy to apply, simply wrap the trigger finger splint around your wrist and the affected finger and go about your day. The comfortable, yet supportive splint will keep your finger straightened in the correct position and leave the rest of your fingers and thumb open. The free-finger design allows you to easily keep up with work, typing, driving, and other daily tasks or activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Finger Fracture Splint

  • What conditions / injuries does this finger support treat? Helps treat and manage finger injuries and conditions such as breaks, strains, or fractures.
  • How does the broken finger splint work? Supportive splint immobilizes and straightens the injured finger to protect, support, relieve pain, and prevent further injury.
  • How long can I wear this brace? The comfortable finger splint can be worn day or night, as needed.
  • What size should I get? This universal splint comes in one adjustable size, that will fit most adult men and women.
  • What is it made of? The broken finger cast is made of 88% copper and nylon blend with 12% spandex wrap, hook and loop fasteners, and a rigid metal splint stay.
  • How do I put it on? Undo all straps and lay affected finger on splint. Wrap top strap around top finger joint and fasten. Flip hand over and position second strap between bottom two finger joints. Wrap strap around finger and fasten. Fold wrist strap onto itself so it rests just below palm of hand. Secure the wrist strap at top of brace.
  • How tall is this support? This trigger finger splint is 8 ½ inches tall.
  • Washing instructions: Close all fasteners and hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow brace to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Adjust for use on any finger
    • Constructed of comfortable materials
    • Universal splint works for right or left hand
  • Color: Black

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Joe O.
United States United States

It does the job

I wear it every night and it fits great. I would recommend the web site.

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Lynn W.
United States United States

Good splint

I picked the wrong finger because I needed a pinky finger but it looks like it’s well put together. It was just a little too long for me and if I had a trigger finger problem, it would be great.

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