Broken Arm Envelope Sling for Injuries

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Envelope Sling for Broken Arm & Shoulder Injuries

This comfortable arm sling made of cool, moisture-wicking fabric is ideal for a long arm recovery in a sling. While discomfort only adds to the pain of an injury, this comfortable arm sling will surely make the recovery easier. This sling for broken arm care and other conditions is easy to wear and to adjust. The pouch of this shoulder support is extra deep so that a bulky cast that often is required to treat a break to the arm can comfortably be accommodated.

There is also a thumb loop within the brace that permits the user to relax his or her hand.

Besides the variety of sizes that can fit anyone from a child to a large adult, the length of the sling can also be customized via a slide buckle on the strap.

This strap stretches diagonally across the body, which reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder. A simple velcro closure secures the strap in place.

This is one of the best arm sling products for those in need of a simple, supportive sling that is comfortable to wear. For more options, check out BraceAbility’s full line of arm and shoulder slings.

This simple sling for broken arm care and other injuries comes in an effective envelope style. There is no need to fret about getting the correct size with this brace.

Other user-friendly features of this shoulder strap include a neck pad that provides a comfortable buffer in the neck area between the strap and the skin; it also reduces pressure on this area. The strap is secured via a simple hook-and-loop closure. For more options, check out BraceAbility’s full line of arm and shoulder slings.

Sling for Arm and Shoulder Immobilization

There are a number of conditions for which an immobilizing arm sling might be necessary. After one breaks an arm, for instance, one may need to hold the arm still so that the bones have a chance to heal back together.

In some cases where the bones have shifted out of alignment, surgery may be necessary to reset the bones in their proper position. Following such procedures, one will likely have to wear a cast or a brace for several weeks. Again, a sling for arm fractures can support the arm during this period and can provide additional immobilization.

Injuries to the shoulder can also be treated with an envelope arm sling. If one’s shoulder is dislocated, one will first need to seek the help of a medical professional to get the top of the humerus bone back in its socket. But afterward, rest and immobilization via a shoulder sling will be needed to allow the shoulder to recover and to prevent the weakened joint from slipping back out of place. See more shoulder dislocation braces.

The tendons and muscles holding the top of the upper arm bone in its socket, known as a rotator cuff, can also be torn. Again, following such an injury one may need to immobilize the area for a period of time to allow it to heal. Learn more about rotator cuff tear treatment.

Other components of treatment for these shoulder joint injuries include ice or heat therapy and engaging in physical therapy (eventually) to maintain the shoulder’s strength and range of motion.

Comfortable Arm & Shoulder Sling

There are a number of injuries to either the shoulder or arm that might be treated with an arm sling. Following a dislocation of the shoulder, for instance, one may be in need of an immobilizing arm sling. The mobile nature of the shoulder joint makes it more prone to either a partial or complete dislocation of the head of the humerus (upper arm) bone. 

Immediate treatment will involve seeking out a medical professional to get the ball of the upper arm bone back into the socket. Joint dislocation frequently causes damage to the ligaments or tendons of the shoulder, as well. Therefore, dislocated shoulder treatment might also involve immobilizing the shoulder joint via an arm sling brace. Ice, lots of rest and physical therapy will likely be other components of treatment. See more slings and braces for treating shoulder dislocations.

A somewhat similar injury is a rotator cuff tear. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that help hold the head of the humerus bone in the shoulder socket. Minor tears to this grouping of soft tissues can usually be remedied via rest (possibly including the use of an arm sling or other orthotics geared toward treating this injury), guided strength and flexibility exercises and ice and heat therapy. If a full tear of the rotator cuff occurs, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage.

Another injury that might necessitate the use of a sling like this is a fractured arm. A broken arm might involve the two bones of the forearm (ulna and radius) or the upper arm bone (humerus).

For a simple break, treatment may simply involve wearing a sling for a broken arm, applying ice, resting and monitoring the injury to make sure nothing shifts out of place. But in some instances, surgery may be necessary to stabilize the bones of the arm to realign them for proper healing. Following surgery, a sling such as this one which can accommodate a cast may be necessary to further restrict movement of the arm for a period of time.

Envelope Arm Sling Features

There are a number of scenarios where one might be in need of an envelope arm sling. For instance, one may need to immobilize the arm and shoulder after dislocating the shoulder, tearing a rotator cuff or breaking the humerus, radius and/or ulna of the arm. Or one might be in need of support following surgery.

Whatever the situation, this arm sling immobilizer has a number of features to satisfy users. These include:

  • Indicated for injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist or hand and cast support to maintain arm in a neutral position
  • Features thumb loop to prevent wrist drop and allow a hand to relax
  • Velcro closure at top of sling envelope to provide a secure fit
  • Extra-deep pouch
  • Diagonal padded strap to reduce pressure on neck and shoulder
  • Slide buckles for simple strap adjustment
  • Manufactured from soft yet durable tricot material
  • Available in sizes x-small to x-large
Sizing chart for arm and shoulder sling. Available in sizes XS-XL.
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