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Features of this Foot Cast Protection Boot & Surgical Shoe

What is a walking cast shoe? These medical walking boots protect the foot and/or ankle after injury or surgery, while allowing you to move around. 

These are often used after surgeries to the mid- or forefoot or to protect the region after stress fractures of the foot, severe lower ankle sprains or other injuries where the foot has to be bandaged or immobilized via a cast. 

It can also be used without a cast or bandaging, though you may want to wear a sock with the boot to prevent the Velcro area from rubbing.

Unsure what sort of boot you need? This post can help you pick the perfect walker boot.

A Great Orthopedic Boot for Walking with an Injured Foot

The post-operative shoe’s insole is constructed of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is a shock-absorbing, light material that supports the foot. It’s also considered more eco-friendly since chlorine is not used in its production.

The insole is fairly rigid, which is great for treating a broken foot or toe. But if you need more cushioning for something like a heel spur or pressure sore, you might consider buying some heel cups to slide into your foot-injury shoe. 

The bottom of the insole is ribbed, which improves the traction of the black surgical boots. This is a big plus since falling after surgery or an injury can majorly set back the healing process.

This walking shoe has a rounded, rolling bottom. This makes it more shoe-like in that you can roll through the foot with a normal stride as you walk (unless you are wearing a hard cast, of course).

The upper part of this surgical shoe is made of tricot foam that attaches via Velcro closures. This foam material is lightweight but durable. Plus it will feel soft against any exposed areas of skin. Finished edges in all areas that come in contact with the skin also boost its comfort factor.

The main forefoot closure is highly adjustable in terms of how tight or loose you secure the protective boot to the foot. Plus this part of the brace can be switched from a right to a left closure or vice versa. This flexibility also preserves the “stickiness” of the Velcro.

The surgical shoe for a broken toe or some other foot injury also comes with two straps around lower part of the ankle. These will make you feel extra secure moving around in the removable walking cast. They even keep the cast boot in place for an active child.

The Velcro closures that make it easy to remove the cast boot when you are resting  or put it back on are one of the support’s best features. No one wants to waste time fumbling with closures before getting up from the couch or for a late-night trip to the bathroom.

All of the features aimed at make wearing the medical boot as comfortable as possible, make it is easy to see that the orthopedic boot is of much higher quality than many similarly priced ones from a drugstore like CVS, a big box store like Target or even a pharmacy.

3 Advantages of a Square Toe Boot for Healing Toe & Foot Wounds

The toe of this surgical boot/shoe is squared off and open, which is great for several reasons:

  1. The wide, squared insole acts as a buffer for protection when you’re moving about.
  2. The open and squared nature of the toe-region makes room for bandaging, a cast and swelling.
  3. The openness of the toeless surgery shoes improves their breathability, keeping the foot cool.

We also offer a closed-toe medical shoe you can use after foot surgery or other injuries if you prefer that type.

You can get this post-surgical boot/shoe wet, but the same may not be true for any bandaging or a cast on the foot. Therefore, you may need to wear a short cast boot cover over the foot to keep such materials dry in the shower.

Choosing the Right Size of Walking Cast Boot

You can get this cast shoe for in sizes for kids as well as adults.

To get the right size, simply measure the length of your foot and (accounting for any bulk added by a cast or bandaging) select the corresponding size using our sizing chart.

If you happen to fall in between sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size.

Why Would I Need a Post-Operative Shoe?

There are so many reasons you might need surgery on the foot or lower ankle. Just a few of the more common examples include to treat:

After surgery, the foot/ankle will likely need to be bandaged or immobilized in a cast.

For some of these procedures like a torn Achilles tendon or a broken big toe, you may need crutches to keep weight off the foot for a period. In other instances, immediate weight bearing may be allowed or even encouraged.

But eventually your recovery will include a return to walking, and it’s easy to see that your swollen, bandaged or cast-covered foot that won’t fit into a shoe is in need of some sort of cover to protect it from the elements. Keeping the foot clean and dry is important to preventing infection.

The open-toe design improves the breathability of the walking boot for a broken foot. Besides keeping the foot more comfortable, this also helps manage odor and moisture.

The rocker bottom of the square-toe cast boot shoe makes it easier to walk with a normal gait than if you tried to walk in just your cast.

Once your bandaging is removed, you might also opt to wear a sock with the short medical boot, protecting against uncomfortable irritation or chafing.

This booty is also a great way to stabilize or immobilize the foot for injuries that do not require surgery to repair, such as contusions (bad bruises), a minor fracture of a toe bone, ankle sprains or strains or less severe cases of some of the injuries listed above. We also have many other ankle splints and foot braces for sale that you may find helpful instead of or in addition to this boot.

FAQs on BraceAbility's Walking Cast Shoe

  • What conditions / injuries does this orthopedic walking boot treat? This foot boot is a great solution for just about any injury to the foot or ankle that requires you to wear a cast or bandaging. This might range from a broken toe to plantar fasciitis to chronic ankle sprains to Achilles tendonitis. It’s also helpful with wound care. You can also use the stiff-soled shoe for more minor injuries when foot stabilization and protection is needed for a brief period.  
  • How does it work?  This surgical/wound care walking shoe features a square-toe design that protects the foot and lower ankle from outside forces, while keeping these materials dry and clean—which ultimately helps you heal. The EVA insole absorbs shock, and the rolling bottom of the boot helps patients to walk smoothly. Tread along the bottom of the boot improves your traction so you don’t slip, which can set back your recovery.
  • When should I wear it? This will vary widely depending on your injury. While an Achilles tendon tear may take the better part of a year to heal, including 12 weeks in a walker boot, a more severe break of the toe might require use of a short cast boot for around six weeks. You should stick to your doctor's plan of treatment for specific timing.
  • What is the foot surgery shoe made of?The rocker-bottom insole of this orthopedic boot is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a shock-absorbing material that is durable and surprisingly lightweight. Since chlorine is not used to make this material, it’s also considered more environmentally friendly than some of its alternatives. The upper portion of the ortho boot is made of lightweight foam that holds up remarkably well to long-term use. This material is soft against the skin and its edges are finished. Velcro closures secure main closure, as well as the two ankle straps.
  • Who can wear these post-surgery shoes?This cast shoe comes in both pediatric and adult sizes, so just about anyone in need of wound care or post-surgical support can benefit.The extra-small boot is 8.5 inches long and fits shoe sizes up to a woman’s size 5.5—in other words, it’s perfect for a child. The small size fits a woman’s shoe size of 5.5 to 8. And the medium through extra-large boots fit women’s shoe size 8 and up/men’s size 6 and up. If you happen to fall in between sizes, your best bet is to order the larger of the two sizes. The largest size is 11.6 inches long. Check out our handy sizing chart for more details.
  • How do I put it on?Start by placing the injured foot inside of the shoe. Wrap the main forefoot closure across the foot and attach its Velcro closure to the hook material. Then repeat the step first with the strap at the base of the ankle and then with the strap a little bit farther up the ankle.Take a few steps to make sure you have the closures tight enough that the foot does not slide around in the boot but loose enough so that it doesn’t cause pain or cut off your circulation. Adjust the fit as needed. Note that for ease of application, you can switch the side that the brace closes on.
  • Washing Instructions:You can hand wash this post-op boot using warm (not hot) water and mild soap. But before doing so, close all the Velcro closures. This helps prevent them from wearing out. The boot should be air dried.
  • Is this a pair or a single ankle cast boot? It comes as a single boot, but you can order two of them if you need a pair.
  • Other features:
    • Features a reversible closure to make application and removal even easier.
    • The footwear includes two straps at the ankle for extra stability.
    • It can be used in the shower.
    • You can wear the immobilization boot on either the right or left foot.
    • It’s of higher-quality than the flimsy, cheap alternatives from drugstores or the hospital.
    • More streamlined than a full walking boot.
  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: Small is 8.7 ounces, Medium is 9.5 ounces, Large is 10.7 ounces, X-Large is 1 pound 2 ounces.
The sizing on this injury shoe ranges from a women's size 5.5 to mens size 11+
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