Pull-on padded knee sleeve for knee bursitis treatment and carpenter&
Sizing chart for bursitis knee brace. Available in sizes XS-3XL.
Splints on either side of the knee brace for additional support and stabilization
Made of a flat knitted, two-way stretch elastic material that provides comfortable compression to the injured knee
Contoured silicone ring applies targeted pressure, helping stabilize and support your kneecap
Full-coverage knee sleeve comes in a discreet black color
Helps treat pes anserine bursitis, infrapatellar bursitis, suprapatellar bursitis, and prepatellar bursitis

Bursitis Knee Brace for Inflammation, Swelling, Housemaid's & Carpenter's Kneecap Pain

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Product Description

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Why Should I Wear a Knee Brace for Bursitis?

This bursitis knee brace makes a simple orthotic for pes anserine bursitis treatment. The contoured silicone ring encircles the knee cap and provides targeted compression to the pes anserine bursa as well as the infrapatellar bursa, suprapatellar bursa, and the prepatellar bursa, which can reduce inflammation and encourage healing.

The ring of this knee brace for bursitis can also help with knee stability and patella tracking. Splints on the medial and lateral side of the bursitis knee brace add to its stabilizing and supportive features.

This knee sleeve is a great option to treat many types of knee bursitis. The condition of knee bursitis is common in many people that tend to do a lot of kneeling or bending. Kneeling or squatting can cause the bursa to swell and become inflamed. Because of this, the injury can be called many different things including housemaid’s knee, roofer’s knee, carpet layer’s knee, etc. There are many different ways to injure your bursa, but working on your knees is a fairly common cause. Some activities that require a lot of kneeling would be cleaning, gardening, carpentry, exercising such as dancing or yoga, and work activities like construction, bricklaying, and so on.

Besides treatment for various types of knee bursitis, this knee sleeve can also help with the following sources of knee pain:

  • Patellar chondropathy
  • Knee instabilities
  • Meniscopathy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Torn Meniscus
  • Post-operative care (See more knee braces for after surgery)

The elastic material that makes up this brace for anserine bursitis treatment is a knitted two-way stretch material that provides the user with a comfortable level of compression. This durable material also makes the knee bursitis brace easy to pull on and comfortable to wear. The splints on the sides of the bursitis knee sleeve also help prevent the brace from uncomfortable bunching or rolling.

The brace for bursitis treatment comes in a number of sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL. The product’s innovative plus-size system means it is simple for everyone to achieve an excellent fit with this natural bursitis knee treatment.

This open-patella sleeve comes in a discreet black color that will not easily get dirty when wearing.

Bursitis Knee Pain

Bursae act as important cushions and/or lubricants between the bone and tendons and other soft tissues as they glide past one another. Some have up to 11 bursae in the knee alone.

Sometimes these fluid-filled sacs can become irritated due to overuse or trauma. Tight or overworked hamstrings are often the culprit for pes anserine bursitis, for instance, while infrapatellar bursitis and prepatellar bursitis often stems kneeling for long periods of time. Bursitis is also associated with knee arthritis, unfortunately. The most commonly affected bursae are:

locations of knee pain from bursitis this treatment brace can help
  • Suprapatellar bursa
  • Prepatellar bursa
  • Infrapatellar bursa
  • Pes anserine bursa (Inside of knee)

Because this sleeve for knee bursitis encircles the kneecap and provides adequate compression to the entire knee, it is useful for treating all of these common forms of bursitis. The pes anserine, infrapatellar and suprapatellar bursa surround the kneecap while the prepatellar bursa is at the front of the kneecap.

The compression this knee brace for bursa problems provides can help reduce inflammation and swelling at these tender spots and also encourage healing to occur. Plus, the knee benefits from the added support. It is important to protect the knee from additional damage when one is dealing with bursitis.

Key Features of the Compression Sleeve for Knee Bursitis

There are a number of reasons this is a good choice for bursitis treatment and a number of other knee injuries or conditions. Following are some of its features:

  • Contoured silicone ring applies targeted pressure to problematic bursa and helps to distribute pressure away from the kneecap
  • Splints on either side of the knee brace for additional support and stabilization
  • Made of a flat knitted, two-way stretch elastic material that provides comfortable compression to the injured knee
  • Plus-size system ensures an excellent fit for all sizes
  • Simple sleeve design for easy pull-on application
  • Helps stabilize and support the kneecap
  • Knee orthotic won’t bunch or roll
  • Treats pes anserine bursitis, infrapatellar bursitis, suprapatellar bursitis, and prepatellar bursitis
  • Other indications include: patellar chondropathy, meniscopathy, osteoarthritis, knee instability, torn meniscus, and postoperative care
  • Discreet black color
  • Available in sizes XS -3XL (based on the circumference around your leg, 5 ½” above the middle of your kneecap and 4 ½” below the middle of your kneecap)
    • X-Small: 14 ½”-16” | 9 ½”-11”
    • Small: 16"-17" | 11"-12 ¼”
    • Medium: 17"-18" | 12 ½”-13 ¼”
    • Large: 18"-19 ¼” | 13 ¼”-14 ¼”
    • X-Large: 19 ¼”-20 ½” | 14 ¼”-15 ½”
    • 2X-Large: 20 ½”-22" | 15 ½”-16 ½”
    • 3X-Large: 22"-23" | 16 ½”-18"

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