Cold Therapy Ankle Stirrup with Ice Pack Gels & Padded Air Liners


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This one-size-fits-most gel ankle brace supports and protects injured or unstable ankles. The gel and air bladder design allows for effective and easily applied cold therapy.

Air / Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace

This universal ankle brace provides lightweight support as well as stabilization and cold therapy that are beneficial for treating a number of conditions, from ankle sprains to acute or chronic instability. The stirrup design of this ankle gel brace means the ankle is supported and protected, with limited restriction of the foot.

The stirrup brace for ankle support has an adjustable heel pad as well as vertical side straps and swivel straps that make it easy to put on and adjust to properly fit one's ankle. A proper fit is important when it comes to protecting the ankle from further damage.

Another advantage of the stirrup design is that one has little to worry about in terms of fit; one size fits most by using the adjustable Velcro straps. This ankle stirrup for sprains also works for either the right or left ankle. See more hinged and stirrup ankle braces.

While the frame of the ankle stirrup brace provides protection and support, the gel bladder inside of it addresses pain and swelling. This component provides cold therapy, which can bring down inflammation. The bottom bladders are the pouches that are filled with a gel. For cold therapy, remove the bladders from the ankle support and place them in the freezer for two hours. Do not place the entire ankle support in the freezer.

The upper bladders of the brace are pre-inflated with air. These air pouches help to stabilize the foot and ensure a comfortable fit. At high altitudes, the air portion of the bladder will expand. To help with this, simply loosen the Velcro straps until the comfort level is achieved, readjust at lower altitudes.

Gel Ankle Brace for Sprains and Instability

This cold therapy ankle stirrup can help with treatment of either ankle sprain or ankle instability in a number of ways. When one has stretched or torn the ligaments of the ankle, it will be unstable and especially vulnerable to further damage for a period of time.

Choosing an ankle stirrup brace that protects against damaging side-to-side motions but allows some other motions of the foot and ankle is a good choice. While protecting the ankle is important, studies have shown that incorporating motion into treatment early on can actually lead to a better recovery.

Besides protecting the ankle from additional damage, another early focus of ankle sprain treatment is reducing painful inflammation. Doing so typically involves following these steps: rest, ice, compress, elevate (RICE).

The universal stirrup for ankle sprains and instability can help with three of these steps. The brace itself makes one take it "easy" on the ankle, and the gel pack provides cold therapy to the injured area. The cold bladder along with the air pouch provides the needed stabilization to the injured ankle.

After a period of time, treatment will also incorporate rehabilitative exercises to improve the strength, flexibility, and range of motion of the ankle. At that time, one might consider using a lace-up athletic ankle brace or an elastic ankle orthotic for some extra support.

Some who have suffered an ankle sprain or many develop chronic instability where the ankle is more prone to giving out or being sprained again because the ligament(s) healed in an elongated position, compromising the stability of the ankle.

Chronic ankle instability treatment, therefore, focuses on preventing further damage to the ligaments as well as strengthening the muscles of the ankle so that they can make up for lost stability. The former of these methods might include taping the ankle, wearing a brace like this ankle stirrup for instability, or wearing an athletic shoe that provides extra ankle support. In some cases, surgery is necessary to correct chronic ankle instability.

Thanks to its gel bladder, this ankle support is also good simply for reducing swelling of the ankles, post-surgical or otherwise.

Universal Ankle Stabilizer with Compression & Cold Therapy

This ankle stirrup brace for sprained or unstable ankles is a popular product thanks to how simple it makes caring for ankle injuries. Some of the features that make this the case include the following.

  • Helps to support and protect injured ankles
  • Non-cumbersome, open design
  • Universal sizing: One size fits most
  • The stirrup-style brace supports ankle while permitting controlled motion
  • Gel bladder can be removed and stored in the freezer to provide cold therapy
  • Pre-inflated upper air bladder provides additional support and ensures a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable heel pad
  • Vertical side straps and swivel straps are easy to apply and adjust
  • Non-flashy black color
  • Fits right or left ankle
sizing chart for gel therapy ankle stirrup fits leg circumferences up to 17 inches
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