The BraceAbility Silicon Adult Bib is a washable clothing protector for elderly, disabled, and special needs
sizing chart for our stylish adult clothing protector is one sizes fits most and comes in 4 fun colors
our washable food bib for adults is easy to clean up and reusable by washing in the dishwasher
Our adjustable bibs can fit a range of neck circumferences fitting most elderly or special needs adults
Our waterproof bibs have a deep pocket perfect for catching food adults spill. The reinforced pocket even keeps liquid from spilling.
Our stylish adult bibs are comfortable to wear due to the soft silicone make up. They fit both men and women in four unique colors.
The BraceAbility adult bibs are made of silicone to protect clothes from spills and stains while eating and drinking
Turquoise, seafoam green silicon adult bib
Army green silicon adult bib clothes protector while eating
dark grey silicon adult bib to protect clothes while eating
to clean the silicone adult bib, simply wash with a damp cloth or put in the dishwasher

Silicone Adult Bib - Washable Clothing Protector & Food Catcher for Elderly, Disabled, Special Needs

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Product Description

Adult Clothing Protector: 5 Favorite Features

  1. Easy to Use & Reuse

    Not only is this clothing protector simple to put on and take off, but it’s also easy to keep reusing, unlike cheap disposable bibs. Thanks to the smooth, lightweight, stain-proof silicone material, this bib is extremely easy to clean. Wipe down with a wet rag and mild detergent between meals, or throw in the washing machine or dishwasher for a quick and effective clean. The material makes this bib easy to roll up and store, making it perfect for traveling or going out to restaurants.

  2. Fits a Range of Sizes Comfortably

    This adult bib features eight different adjusted sizes, all in one cost-effective protector. Simply adjust the bib to comfortably fit any size neck, from petite to plus-size, you’ll be able to find the most comfortable fit for you or your loved one. The bib can also benefit disabled teens, thanks to the adjustable application and fit.

  3. Application Designed With Ease in Mind

    Applying and removing the bib should not be an uncomfortable hassle, which is why this adult bib was designed with a simple and quick application process. Simply wrap the bib around and secure using the adjustable sizing snap closure that will provide the most comfortable fit. The bib should be secure and cover the shirt, but still provide some comfortable room around the neck area. Putting the bib on and taking back off will literally take seconds, but the closure will also prevent any unwanted pulling or ripping the bib off until mealtime is over.

  4. Wide Crumb Catcher Prevents Mess

    Unlike most cloth or disposable bibs, this non-absorbent clothing protector was designed with an additional, deep and wide crumb catcher pocket. The crumb catcher helps save time during clean-up and assures that there will be no extra mess by catching any extra food or liquids during mealtime. In order to help protect from any spills or mess on the lap, the food catcher is reinforced with three heavy-duty supports to prevent the wide pocket from opening when filled.

    the silicone adult bib has a crumb catching pocket built-in

  5. Variety of Stylish Color Options Available

    It is extremely common for senior citizens and disabled adults, or teens to need some extra assistance during mealtime. Whether it’s shaky hands, or the inability to properly feed themselves, the use of an adult bib can help prevent stains or spills, and make the process much easier and mess-free. It is often seen as embarrassing to wear a bib as an adult, but normalize the need for some extra protection while eating with these fashionable and functional protector bibs. Choose from a variety of stylish colors to find the perfect bib for you or your loved one.

Could My Loved One Benefit from This Protector Bib

Bibs aren’t only for children. In fact, clothing protectors are becoming more and more normal as we begin to realize the need for them, especially with elderly men and women. There are multiple reasons an adult may benefit from a clothing protector bib, including:

  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Severe arthritis
  • Stroke recovery and rehab
  • Sundowner’s syndrome

This list could go on, but in reality, any adult or elderly man or woman could benefit from wearing an adult bib during mealtime if they struggle with a disability or disease that affects their strength or coordination.

How Does an Adult Bib Help With At-Home Care?

Whether it’s your parent, grandparent, significant other, sibling, or even child, you know how difficult it can be to provide the best care for those who have a condition or disability that prevents the ability to care for themselves. When it comes to mealtime, you can be left with a mess, including spills and stains on clothing. Although it can be difficult, it is important to encourage an individual who struggles with mealtime to eat as independently as possible. The adult clothing protectors provide a dignified way for seniors or disabled teens and adults to feel confident while eating. Plus, the silicone bibs prevent clothing stains and repel liquids. Using an adult bib at home during mealtime will help save time and money!

our stylish adult bib is waterproof and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions About The Elderly Mealtime Bibs

  • How does it work? Use this clothing protector to prevent you or your loved ones from spills, stains, and mess caused by eating or drooling.
  • Who can wear it? Any teen, adult, or senior citizen that struggles during mealtime, or needs extra clothing protection due to a condition or disability can benefit from this bib.
  • What size should I get? With this universal bib, one size fits most petite to plus-size adults thanks to the adjustable sizing closure design. Use one or both notches to allow for a comfortable fit for a range of neck sizes. 
  • How many times can I use this bib for elderly adults? Unlike disposable bibs, this waterproof protector is entirely reusable, simply wash and use it again!
  • What is the clothing protector made of? This adult bib is made of BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone.
  • How do I put it on? Simply wrap the bib around the neck and secure it at the most comfortable closure.
  • How wide is this mealtime support? The waterproof adult bibs are 12.5 inches wide and 20 inches long.
  • Washing instructions: The silicone bibs are dishwasher safe. For in-between washes, simply wipe down the bib with a wet rag and mild soap.
  • Other features:
    • Variety of stylish colors available
    • Roll bib up and take on the go
    • Easy to wipe down, clean and use again
  • Color: Choose from hunter green, gray, lavender, or turquoise.

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