Product Advisory Team

help braceability make the perfect braces by joining our product advisory team

Our Goal

At BraceAbility, we are focused on providing the latest and highest quality orthopedic braces to boost performance and help you recover from injuries faster so you can Get Back to Life. Our team of product designers is constantly striving to improve the comfort, fit, and function of existing products, validate new ideas and test-drive upcoming releases. We truly value your constructive feedback, listen, and solicit it, as it is crucial to the product development process.

meet the team that will you will be helping modify the braces to the correct fit

Where You Come In

Anytime we are working on a new product design, we enlist a group of customers to participate in a sizing study or prototype analysis. You may be asked to provide body measurements, then try on various sizes of a brace to give us feedback on fit. If you have a specific injury, you may be asked to try out a prototype of a new product intended to treat that condition, giving us feedback which we use to help make design modifications. This process may involve a phone call or a video chat. Possibly an in-person meeting if you live near us because face-to-face interactions are always the most helpful.

Every project is unique, but our Product Advisory Team members are always compensated for their time. Members may get to keep the pre-market versions we send them and are always first to receive the final product once it goes into production.

All testers (Product Advisory Team members) get to keep the pre-market version(s) of our braces. You will also get a free version of the final product. 

How to Apply

To be considered for future Product Advisory Team projects, please fill out the short form below. This information will help us know when and how to contact you. You will only be notified of studies which are relevant to you, and participation is always optional.

Disclaimer: We will only contact you regarding potential Product Advisory Team opportunities. We will not share your information or use it for any marketing purposes.