Neoprene Padded Knee Support Protection Sleeve

This knee pad supports and protects the knee, as is needed following knee strains, sprains, arthritis and other injuries. The padded leg sleeve also applies warmth and compression, and its extra knee padding provides protection. Bariatric sizes of this knee brace are also available. 

Detailed Description

Why Wear a Padded Neoprene Knee Sleeve?

Wearing knee pad sleeves can protect the knee from additional damage when one is kneeling or playing a sport where one might come in contact with other players or the ground.

This particular knee pad sleeve is composed of premium-grade neoprene. This material provides warmth and compression to the knee, which is helpful for promoting blood flow and healing as well as reducing inflammation. This material does not contain latex—a benefit for those with allergies to the material.

The padded knee brace can be applied simply by pulling it up the leg and positioning the seam at the back of the brace. The closed popliteal area (back of the knee) of this neoprene knee brace also increases the support it provides.

The knee sleeve with pad protection is lightweight and low profile. It has no hard parts that can be problematic for sports participation.

The knee pad brace can help with injuries, such as moderate strains and sprains of the knee, as well as with osteoarthritis. View all of BraceAbilty's knee OA braces.

Padded Leg Sleeve for Knee Injuries, Arthritis and Sports

The additional support this pull-on knee sleeve with padding applies can help with weak or sore knees during sports. Neoprene orthotics are popular in sports like basketball that are demanding on the knees (See more sports braces). The knee brace pad of this support also provides some protection if one falls or dives after a loose ball.

This padding also makes the support a good choice for those who work on their knees a lot, such as house cleaners, landscapers, flooring layers or construction workers. The warmth and protection this padded knee sleeve provides can relieve achy knees for these individuals.

These features also mean the knee sleeve is well suited for arthritis treatment. It can help with stability and pain, particularly if the arthritis is centered at one side of the knee. Other orthotics that can help limit arthritis knee pain include shock absorbing shoe inserts.

The compression this padded knee brace applies reduces inflammation and promotes blood flow for healing. This is helpful in treating a variety of knee injuries. Those suffering from knee osteoarthritis will experience the condition in 4 different stages. Each stage has different symptoms and appropriate treatment. 

Knee Protection Pad for Cleaning, Gardening, Floor Laying & More

This padded neoprene brace is a good one for those playing sports or with jobs or hobbies that require time on the knees, as well as those dealing with arthritis or knee injuries. Following are some of its selling points.  

  • Premium-grade 3/16" thick neoprene

  • Free of latex

  • Applies compression, support and warmth

  • 13” long

  • Anterior (front) pad provides extra to the kneecap region, great for those who are often kneeling on the floor

  • For moderate knee strains or sprains, knee injuries and arthritis

  • Simple black color

  • Easy pull-on application

  • Posterior seam

  • Affordable price

  • Available in a number of sizes, ranging from small sizes for youth and children, up to a 4XL padded knee sleeve for bariatric / plus size individuals with wider legs.

Sizing Chart

Size 6" Above KneecapMiddle of Kneecap
XS16" - 18"12" - 13"
S17" - 19"13" - 14"
M18" - 20"14" - 15"
L19" - 21"15" - 16"
XL20" - 22"16" - 18"
2XL21" - 23"18" - 20"
3XL23" - 26"20" - 22"
4XL26" - 29"22" - 24"
Measure the circumference around your leg at 6 inches above your kneecap (Point A), and around the middle of your kneecap (Point B), in inches.
Sleeve should have a snug fit to provide proper compression. If in-between sizes, order the smaller size.

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Worked great for MudRun!


I wound up using your knee sleeve for a MudRun and it was AWESOME!! It worked perfectly thank you!

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Neoprene Padded Knee Support Protection Sleeve

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