Big Knee Brace for Large Legs with Patella Support


This bariatric knee brace for larger people with big legs and thighs has an easy, slip-on design and is comfortable to wear all day. It helps treat weight-related knee pain and conditions including grade I collateral ligament sprains, patellar subluxation, chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, patellofemoral tracking dysfunction, patellar dislocation, quadricep tendonitis, plica syndrome, and more.
Detailed Description

This extra large knee support brace fit overweight and plus size people with pain around their patella.

Why You Need This Orthopedic Knee Brace for Large Thighs

Knee pain is a relatively common phenomenon that is even more prominent among those struggling with obesity. Each pound of body weight puts five pounds of force on your knee. Therefore, it is easy to understand why being overweight or obese can lead to or accelerate knee problems and pain. Unfortunately, this knee pain can prevent obese people from living a more active lifestyle, making weight loss even more difficult.

For this reason, BraceAbility is happy to offer this plus-size knee support that comes in a variety of sizes as large as an XXXXL knee brace, which fits leg circumferences up to 31 inches. Plus, you’ll pay the same affordable price for the size 3XL or 4XL, as you would purchasing a medium or large knee brace! See more bariatric braces and supports here.

BraceAbility’s plus size knee sleeve for large legs was designed to protect your knee from future injuries, alleviate your knee pain, and provide comfortable support to your knees.

This knee brace can help treat many causes of knee pain and knee conditions including:

5 Reasons Why You'll Love This Plus Size Knee Support for Big Legs

This neoprene knee brace is one of BraceAbility’s best and most popular knee supports thanks to several innovative features, which allow overweight patients to enjoy a more active, pain-free lifestyle, in addition to protecting their knee against injury.

  1. Comfortable, Open-Patella Design

With an opening around your patella (kneecap), this extra large knee support is more flexible and breathable than solid knee sleeves or ACE bandage wrap. The open patella design also eliminates pressure over your sore or swollen kneecap, making it comfortable for all-day wear.

  1. Made out of a Soothing, Premium-Grade Neoprene Material

The material of this bariatric knee stabilizer is also comfortable against your skin. Plus, the flexible material and lightweight fit make it easy for you to move about and engage in light physical activity while wearing this comfortable knee support for obesity. Check out our full line of plus-size supports.

  1. Reduces Swelling and Promotes Healing

This neoprene fabric provides warmth and moderate elastic compression to your sore knee, which reduces swelling and encourages blood flow to speed up your recovery process. View more of our neoprene knee braces here.

Plus, at only 13” long and 3/16” thick, this discreet black knee sleeve is not too flashy and flat enough to fit under ordinary pants, such as jeans, but still thick enough to provide the necessary amount of compression and support.

  1. Customizable Tubular Buttress and Spiral Stays

This extra-large knee brace features a sewn-in, tubular buttress. The solid tubular buttress encircles your entire kneecap, promoting proper patellar tracking and movement. However, you can also trim the buttress for customizable support over, under, or on either side of your kneecap, if desired. Click here to learn more about why you might be experiencing anterior, posterior, medial, or lateral knee pain.

In addition, aluminum spiral stays are located on the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) sides of your knee to help provide stability. These stays reduce pressure on your kneecap and improve patellar tracking, which helps treat conditions such as patella instability, patellar subluxation, and kneecap dislocation.

  1. Easily Adjustable Pressure Straps

Two adjustable pressure straps located above and below your kneecap prevent your knee brace for thick quads from slipping around or sliding down.

As an added bonus, the Velcro closures found on these straps is medical-grade, making it 10 times stronger than the standard, retail-grade Velcro you will find on other braces purchased at Walgreens, Target, or other online retailers, for example.  

Frequently Asked Questions About This XXXL Bariatric Knee Brace

  • What conditions does this knee brace treat? Helps to manage pain from injuries like knee arthritis, knee osteoarthritis (OA), grade I collateral ligament sprains, patellar subluxation, chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, patellofemoral tracking dysfunction, patellar dislocation, quadricep tendonitis, and plica syndrome.

  • Who can wear it? With sizes from L all the way up to 4XL, overweight and plus size men and women can wear this knee support for big legs.

  • How do I know what size to get? Using a fabric tape measure, measure the circumference of your leg 6” above the center of your kneecap and 6” below the center of your kneecap. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the right size.

  • How do I put on this plus size knee brace?

    • With all Velcro straps undone, insert your foot into the largest end (logo should be on top) and pull the sleeve up your leg.

    • Center the circular opening over your kneecap. The stitched seam should run down the backside of your leg, centered behind your kneecap.

    • Starting at the bottom, feed the strap through the d-ring. Then, pull the strap and secure Velcro closure at your desired tension level.

    • Repeat with the top strap. Tighten or loosen the straps throughout the day if necessary.

  • Can I wear this brace over my pants? Yes, but this knee brace is meant to fit against your skin for a better grip. It can be worn above tight pants or leggings if necessary.

  • How tall is this knee brace? 13.5”.

  • What material is this sleeve made of? Latex-free, 3/16” thick, premium-grade neoprene, Velcro closures, and aluminum spiral stays.

  • When should I wear this oversized knee brace? This lightweight knee brace can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity. However, you should check with your primary care physician before wearing any compression knee sleeve or orthopedic support while sleeping.

  • Washing Instructions: Close Velcro closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Then, lay it flat to air dry completely before reapplying.

  • Other features:

    • An enclosed trimmable tubular buttress is included.

    • Hinge-free design for comfortable support.

    • A good option for heavy people with larger calfs and thighs.

  • Color: Black.

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Customer Reviews




Great Product, Great Staff


I went online and ordered a knee brace, I somehow and unknowingly got the wrong size chart and ended up with one that was the wrong size, so I ordered I requested a return ordered again, when I finally figured out (I get confused...often these days) I had the wrong size chart, Melissa graciously "ran" to cancel my next order so I could then order the proper size. It was my fault, they never complained, I could hear the smile over the phone when she was helping me. I am blessed and I will purchase any other brace products I need from BraceAbility in the future. They had the best price and are very accommodating.

Friends in good & bad times : )



Excellent product


I found your site helping out my dear friend who is suffering with two weak knees, aching hip, and spinal stenosis. He wanted a support for his knees to feel more secure in his balance and footing. I read all info for this product, and the reviews, and purchased it for my friend in need. And I have to say it put such a smile on his face. Fits him perfect, stays in place all day, not warm causing him to sweat; he knows his knee must be replaced but he is super happy with this product!! Money well spent, thank you BraceAbility!!! : )






I've been wearing this brace about 8 hours a day since it arrived about a month ago. Overall I would say this is a good brace, but with the proper improvements it could be a great brace. Okay, here it goes...

After about two weeks of wearing it, one of the metal stays poked through the brace. I had to remove it because when I tried to stick the metal stay back down in the sleeve it fits in it would just poke out the same hole again when I wore it. A week later the other stay poked through and I had to remove it. The brace does have synthetic leather reinforcements on the ends of the sleeve containing the metal stays. But the synthetic leather is only on the OUTSIDE of the sleeve. In my case the metal stay poked right through the neoprene on the INSIDE of the brace. Neoprene is kind of a delicate material and doesn't hold up to a metal stay constantly pressing on it and it pokes through. The synthetic leather reinforcements are a good idea, but they need to completely encase the ends of the metal stays so they can't poke through the neoprene. I have a permanently injured knee so I need the support of the metal stays. The brace is still effective but doesn't support as well without the metal stays.
Also the ends of the neoprene brace are not hemmed. If you have to wear this brace long term like I do, then eventually the unhemmed ends of the neoprene brace can develop a tear from pulling on it to take it off and put it on. If the top and bottom of the neoprene brace had a hem or some reinforced stitching it would prevent the ends of the brace from developing tears over time. The neoprene would also last longer without tearing or stretching if it was 5/16" thick instead of 3/16".

This is without a doubt the most comfortable knee brace I've ever worn and I've been wearing them for 8 years. When I first put it on the neoprene didn't feel like it was really grabbing my leg tight enough to support. And the brace slid down my leg a little when I first stood up (this happens to plus size people with knee braces). But in no time my body heat began to warm up the neoprene and it snugged up on my leg and didn't slide down even a little bit the whole rest of the day I wore it. Once it heats up and snugs up on your leg it really supports beautifully and is the most comfortable brace I've ever owned.

With a few modifications this could be the most comfortable, best fitting, and most supportive knee brace with stays that Braceability sells. Of course the modifications would increase the cost of the brace somewhat. However, for anyone who needs to wear a brace long term like me these modifications would be well worth maybe another $10 or $15. As is the brace if fine for anyone who has a temporary knee injury and needs a brace that will last a month or so.






It shipped much faster than expected. It feels wonderful. My knee pain is from injury and I cannot tell the knee was injured.
There is none of the usual stiffness. The knee moves just fine. The fit is a little awkward because the back of the leg at the top rolls down. If someone could tell me how to stop that, then this item would be absolutely perfect!!

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Big Knee Brace for Large Legs with Patella Support

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