BraceAbility Kid's Pediatric Arm Sling & Shoulder Immobilizer

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The BraceAbility Kids’ Arm Sling/Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer is a top-seller at BraceAbility thanks to the brace’s open and effective design and its low price tag.  This arm sling for kids is adjustable and its two cuffs ensure that the arm is comfortably immobilized, even for the most active child. An adult version of this shoulder immobilizer sling is also available. 

Detailed Description

Adjustable Pediatric Arm Sling

There are a number of situations for which a child’s shoulder must be immobilized, but wearing a full sling does not always mean the shoulder is immobilized. Plus, having the arm encased in a sling can be unpleasant as well tiring to the wrist or hand. The open, cuffed design of BraceAbility’s youth arm sling eliminates these problems.

The child’s arm sling consists of a forearm cuff, humeral cuff, a band that encircles the torso and an adjustable web shoulder strap. The pediatric shoulder immobilizer is made of soft, foam laminate that is latex free. And it can be secured with a simple hook and loop closure.

The cuffs of this kids’ arm sling secure the shoulder in place, allowing a child to heal from a variety of sports injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm or clavicle fracture, in addition to many other shoulder injuries. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of shoulder injury treatment products.

The youth arm sling’s universal design covers rib circumferences ranging from 12” to 30” making it ideal for children of a variety of ages and shapes. If a bigger size is needed, one can check out the BraceAbility Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Brace, which is available for rib circumferences ranging from 24”-50,” as well as in female- and male-contoured styles.

Arm Sling for Kids’ Injuries

For kids who take part in sports, shoulder injuries are not unusual. The high demand of sports on the immature joints and bones of a youth can lead to ligament, tendon or muscle injuries.

One fairly common shoulder injury among children and adolescents is a break to either the humerus (upper arm) or clavicle (collarbone) bone, with the latter being the more common of the two injuries, since the bone is not well protected by fat or other tissues. Both of these breaks can be caused by a fall onto an outstretched arm or a direct hit to the bone.

While surgery is sometimes needed to stabilize the bone after a break, immobilizing the shoulder or arm with a kids’ arm sling or cast is often sufficient treatment.

Overuse injuries are also fairly common among adolescents and children in certain sports or positions, such as baseball (especially pitchers), football (especially quarterbacks), swimming or tennis. Over time, repeated extreme range of motion movements of the arm and/or shoulder can cause the ligaments and joint capsule to stretch out, leading to irritation and painful inflammation of the surrounding tendons, muscles, ligaments, etc.

A period of rest, possibly involving a sling for youths, ice and physical therapy is often the treatment for such injuries. But of course, preventing the injury in the first place by exercising proper form, warming up and taking adequate periods of rest can help ward off annoying to performance-disrupting overuse injuries.

Dislocation of either the shoulder or the joint between the shoulder blade and clavicle is another shoulder injury for which a pediatric shoulder immobilizer may be necessary, though the former is a relatively rare occurrence with children. A shoulder dislocation sometimes occurs as a result of a blow during contact sports or a fall.  

The dislocation of the joint between the shoulder blade and clavicle, also known as a separated shoulder, might be caused by a blow to the tip of the shoulder during contact sports like football. In such instances, a tell-tale sign of a separated shoulder is a visible dip in the contour of the shoulder.

Besides wearing an immobilizing sling for a brief period of time, treatment for a dislocation injury often involves physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the joint so that the injury does not reoccur.

Youth Arm Sling Details

This universal arm sling for children is adjustable and fits rib circumferences ranging from 12” to 30” Some of its other features include:

  • An open, two-cuff design
  • Foam laminate construction
  • Latex-free material
  • Easy-to-use hook-and-loopvelcro closures
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sizing Chart

    Measure your child's body circumference around their ribs. Fits rib circumferences ranging from 12" up to 30"

    Additional Information

    L Code: L-3670

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    BraceAbility Kid's Pediatric Arm Sling & Shoulder Immobilizer

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