Cedar Falls Iowa: Main Street Downtown Bar & Restaurant Guide for Ragbrai

Cyclists and Partiers: this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

The time of the year when the world's biggest cycling enthusiasts come together to ride 468 miles across the corn ridden state we know as Iowa. The route for RAGBRAI 2015 is going to travel through 8 wonderful towns in Iowa, allowing you to reconnect (or meet) with friends new and old. However, with great distance comes great pain. This is the week of constant hydration. This is the week of destroyed knees and sunburns. But most of all, this is the week of sore tushies. We've created a savable image of all the Cedar Falls Main Street bars/restaurants, their location, contact information, and a little bit about the establishment as well. If you're on a phone, just hold down and save the image, so you can reference it whenever you want! This will for sure come in handy:

list of the best bars in Cedar Falls and the best fast food and fine dining

You have pain.  BraceAbility has solutions.

BraceAbility wants to help and support active RAGBRAI devotees by offering spectacular biking braces at a friendly Iowan price. Based out of Cedar Falls, we offer all sorts of medical braces from finger braces, to neck braces (hopefully you won’t need a neck brace, but we are prepared for just about anything). Our booth will be located at 402 Main St. We will also be selling instant cold packs for those sore muscles.

Where to find BraceAbility

Upon your arrival in Cedar Falls, you will be greeted with open and welcoming arms into our town and community. You will be staying at the UNIDome (located at the University of Northern Iowa), and BraceAbility is located on Main St. We also decided to put a star at each place that serves alcohol around, because you deserve to have some fun after a long bike ride.

how to get to downtown Cedar Falls from the campground on RAGBRAI

The next picture highlights where you can find BraceAbility, as well as the location of some of the best bars/restaurants in Cedar Falls. 

map of where the shuttle drop off is on the main street bars and restaurants during Ragbrai

Here are the special products for RAGBRAI

You can find all of our cycling knee, thigh, calf, ankle braces here

using braceability leg, thigh and calf sleeves can reduce pain while cycling

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