Caution: 7 Most Common Injuries From Walking

Most people are under the impression that walking as an exercise has no risk of injury. Although walking is one of the safest forms of exercise, injuries in avid walkers are more common than you think. When ignored walking injuries have the potential to become much larger issues over time. So… before you ignore the aches and pain you’re feeling on long walks, continue reading to properly treat and prevent these injuries.infographic of the most common injuries you can get while walking that can hurt your back or legs
  1. Lower back pain- Is the dull ache in your back turning into a severe stabbing sensation? It’s likely you had a back injury being brought to the surface by the repetitive movement of your avid walking.
  2. Hip and joint inflammation (Bursitis)The inflammation of bursae located on your hips can cause a sharp sensation starting at the point of your hip and extending down to the thigh.
  3. Runner's kneeJust because you’re not a runner doesn’t mean runner’s knee can’t affect you. Any exercise that repeatedly bends the kneecap can trigger the pain on the inside of your knee, including walking.
  4. Shin splints- Shin splints occur when a person drastically increases their workouts or exercises on the pavement, making the injury common with avid walkers.
  5. Achilles tendinitisAchilles tendinitis begins as an ache in the heel and gradually escalates to a more intense sensation. The pain is caused by repetitive or extremely intense strain placed on the tendon.
  6. Plantar fasciitis- If you’re feeling a stabbing or strong sensation in the heel of your foot it’s likely you have Plantar fasciitis. The repetitive activity of walking puts stress on the heel and related tissue triggering pain.
  7. BunionsAre you experiencing the formation of a bony hump at the bottom of your big toe? You most likely have bunions, which can be caused by wearing ill-fitted shoes for long periods of time.
Being aware of the pain you’re experiencing will help to minimize potential issues that may occur. Thankfully, injuries caused by walking are highly treatable and preventable if addressed right away. Read more details on the 7 most common injuries, treatments, causes, and symptoms.

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