Corflex Long Sarmiento Brace Humerus Fracture Splint

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This Corflex Extended Length Humeral Splint provides compression by controlling humeral segments in the arm. This humerus splint provides the best humerus fracture protection and comfort for proper recovery and healing. 13" long. For a shorter humeral splint, please see our 10" sarmiento splint
Detailed Description

The Corflex Extended Length Humeral Splint for Diaphyseal Fractures

This Corflex fractured humerus splint is designed to effectively compress and support a large portion of the humerus. Whether it is a deep bone bruise or a fracture, this durable splint for humeral fractures comforts and immobilizes the injured area. A diaphyseal fracture to the humerus is considered a mid-shaft break and is rather uncommon in terms of bone fractures. Generally diaphseal humerus fractures only require a splint like the Extended Length Humeral Splint to heal properly since the bone doesn’t usually become displaced enough to require surgery.

Features of the Corflex Extended Length Humeral Splint

  • Polyethylene design fits to the arm for the best support and comfort.
  • The deltoid cap added to this fractured humeral splint prevents slipping and discomfort.
  • Three Velcro straps provide the best adjustment and patient customization.
  • Comfortable cell foam lining adds support and relief to the arm.
  • Hand washable upper arm brace.
  • Two washable stockinettes and one humeral sling are included.
  • 13" long. If you need to shorten this sarmiento splint, it may be trimmed by a professional healthcare provider and the bottom strap moved up.

An Extended Humeral Fracture Splint for Upper Arm Injuries

  • Diaphyseal humerus fractures to the mid-shaft area of the bone.
  • Deep humerus bruising.

A Deep Bone Bruise Splint for a Broken Humerus

This arm splint effectively compresses the upper arm with the durable and comfortable material for bone fractures. Deep bone bruising can have similar symptoms to a fracture and a doctor should be consulted to make sure the bone is not broken. Pain, swelling, and bruising will result and will need to be treated with a brace like the Corflex Extended Length Humeral Splint. It is important for the arm brace to fit correctly; the added length, different sizes, and Velcro straps ensure users have the best fitting brace for proper recovery from bone bruising or fractures.

Sizing Chart

X-Small7" - 9"6" - 7"
Small9" - 11"7" - 9"
Medium11" - 13"9" - 11"
Large13" - 15"11" - 13"
X-Large15" - 17"13" - 15"
2X-Large17" - 19"15" - 17"
Measurements taken from widest part of bicep (Proximal) and above elbow (Distal)

Additional Information

L Code: L3980

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Corflex Long Sarmiento Brace Humerus Fracture Splint

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