Corflex Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint

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Unique anterior design immobilizes and positions elbow at 122 degrees while allowing easy access to dressing
Detailed Description

Complete Elbow Support with Total Comfort

Produced by Corflex, the Ultra Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint provides total immobilization at the specific angle of 122 degrees, while still allowing the wearer to easily clothe himself or herself, adding minimal hindrance to an already inconvenient situation. This benefit and the plush cloth liner may go a long way toward making the recovery period easier.

Specifically Designed for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve of the hand, and may lead to:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Clumsiness of the hand
  • Tingling and numbness in the fingers

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) may also lead to pain on the inside of the elbow. This syndrome is often treated with a brace to keep the elbow slightly bent at the best angle for the elbow. The Corflex Ultra Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint is specifically designed for this purpose, but also makes an excellent post-operative splint.

Provides Ideal Support Following CTS Surgery

Two types of surgery may be implemented as a way of alleviating the symptoms of more advanced Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. One surgery type involves moving the ulnar nerve in front of the bump that is creating pressure, and the other type involves simply removing the bump. Both surgeries require that the arm heal at a specific angle, which may be difficult to maintain without a brace. Use of the Ultra Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint helps to maintain this proper angle.

Sturdy Yet Comfortable Construction

The Ultra Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint is built with a high density polyethylene shell that is fused at 122 degrees for ideal healing positioning. It is attached with three straps for maximum security during the recovery period, and made more comfortable by the use of a plush cloth liner.

Sizing Chart

SizeSizing Guide
Small/MediumFits most females & smaller framed males
Medium/LargeFits most males & larger framed females
Large/X-LargeFits large framed males & extra-large framed females

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L Code: L3762

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Corflex Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint

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