Shoulder Pillow Abduction Sling for Labral Tear

The Corflex Ultra Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Sling is great for arthroscopic shoulder surgery recovery and rotator cuff injury treatment. The shoulder pillow positions the shoulder in the proper and comfortable position to prevent rolling and shifting.
Detailed Description

The Corflex Ultra Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Sling for Shoulder Bankart Repair

This shoulder sling is a similar product to the original Corflex Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Sling and offers many similar qualities. This shoulder pillow is great for bankart repair shoulder discomfort. Bankart repair is an anterior surgical procedure to a dislocated shoulder that leaves the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder prone to further shoulder injury. This shoulder dislocation sling is great for comforting and immobilizing the shoulder area for the best recovery

Features of the Ultra Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Sling for Shoulder Bankart Repair

  • The extended shoulder pillow design not only comforts the arm and shoulder injuries, but the added malleable stay properly positions the shoulder to prevent further shoulder damage and discomfort.
  • The v-neck strapping on this shoulder immobilizer sling prevents unwanted rolling and shifting of the shoulder.
  • The neck strap is padded to avoid rubbing and discomfort around the neck area.
  • This rotator cuff sling is designed with durable density foam that is covered with tricot material, sling, and exercise ball to stimulate circulation of the shoulder.
  • Fits the left or right shoulder.

A Shoulder Dislocation Sling for Shoulder Arthroscopy and Rotator Cuff Injury

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a great advancement in the world of shoulder operations. A miniature camera called an arthroscope is inserted through a small incision to repair the shoulder injury. A Rotator cuff shoulder injury is a common shoulder symptom that may be treated with shoulder arthroscopic surgery. The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and ligaments that cover the shoulder joint, keep the ball of the shoulder in place, and allow movement and shoulder support. When these shoulder ligaments are injured it may not only be painful, but the shoulder will also lose the ability to perform normal tasks.

  • This shoulder sling is great for post arthroscopic shoulder surgery recovery.
  • A shoulder abduction pillow for improved shoulder arthroscopy recovery time.

Sizing Chart

Small24" - 30"9" - 12"
Medium30" - 36"12" - 15"
Large36" - 42"15" - 18"
X-Large42" - 48"18" - 20"
Measurement taken from hip circumference and length of forearm from wrist to elbow

Additional Information

L Code: L3670

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great pillow for my shoulder


loved it indeed. one I still do not like is the strap that goes around the neck .

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Shoulder Pillow Abduction Sling for Labral Tear

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