Wrist / Hand Bandage Wrap for Sprains & Pain

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An ambidextrous wrist brace wrap for arthritis, wrist pain, sprains and strains. This wrist pain brace is a simple, affordable solution for sprained wrist treatment or for preventing such an injury from occurring in the first place. The sprained wrist brace warms and compresses the wrist in addition to offering lightweight, flexible support.
Detailed Description

Best Wrap for Sprained Wrist Treatment

When it comes to how to treat a sprained wrist, most mild to moderate sprains or strains will heal on their own. But there are steps one can take to speed along the process and ease one’s discomfort.

One of these involves wearing a wrist sprain brace that protects against further injury via flexible support. This brace for wrist sprain treatment also provides compression that reduces painful inflammation and speeds along healing.

This orthotic treatment for sprained wrist or other hand/wrist injuries is composed of premium-grade neoprene. This material holds in heat, providing soothing warmth for treating a sprained wrist. This material is also soft against the skin, flexible and free of latex.

The sprained wrist splint leaves the thumb, fingers and the palm free of restriction. It also covers no more of the forearm than necessary.

The streamlined wrist brace for sprains or strains is easy to apply thanks to its wrap-around design and contact closure.

Plus there is no need to mess with sizing. The universal wrist sprain bandage fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches. It also works for either the right or left hand.

This treatment for a sprained wrist can also help with wrist strains and various wrist tendonitis injuries. And as previously mentioned, the wrist strain brace can also be used for athletic protection during high-risk activities like skateboarding, basketball, gymnastics or snow skiing.

How to Treat a Sprained or Strained Wrist

A fall onto an outstretched hand can sprain or strain the soft tissues of one’s wrist, causing a number of unpleasant symptoms including:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Feverish feeling to the skin around the wrist
  • Popping/tearing sensation

How to treat a sprained wrist or a strained wrist will depend upon the severity of the injury. Conservative methods are usually sufficient for treating sprained wrists when they are moderate or mild, meaning they involve an overstretched or partially torn ligament.

In such cases, treatment for a sprained wrist or a strained wrist will involve following the steps of RICE—rest, ice, compress and elevate the wrist. Doing so helps protect against further damage and it reduces painful inflammation. This ice and heat wrist therapy wrap with two gel packs can help with the ice component of treatment for wrist sprain or strain injuries.

Anti-inflammatory pain relievers can also help treat a sprained or strained wrist by easing pain and swelling.

Wrist wraps for sprains can help with both the rest and compression element of RICE. The lightweight sprained wrist bandage supports the joint and it applies targeted compression to one’s sore wrist.

Wearing a sprained hand brace for a long period of time can increase stiffness and cause one’s muscles to weaken. This particular wrist sprain wrap leaves the palm, fingers and thumb free, helping to minimize the risk of this occurring. Regardless, one should follow a doctor’s instructions for how to treat a wrist sprain or strain when it comes to brace usage.

In some cases, moderate wrist sprain treatment will involve wearing an immobilizing wrist brace for a brief period. As one gets back to activity, this more flexible bandage for sprained wrist care can be used as a transitional brace after a period of immobilization. Physical therapy may also be part of treatment for a moderate wrist sprain to restore strength and range of motion to one’s wrist.

In some cases, athletes opt to wear a sprained wrist wrap for an added layer of protection, particularly if one is involved in high-risk activities for a sprain such as skating, snowboarding, baseball or diving. The flexible fit of this sprained wrist support wrap makes it well suited for such use.

Treatment of a sprained wrist where a ligament is fully torn often involves surgery to reattach the ligament to the bone.

Afterward, one will likely need to wear a post-op wrist brace to limit motion of one’s wrist so that healing can occur. Eventually, one will undergo physical therapy to restore the wrist to its pre-injury level of function.

Compression Bandage for Wrist Sprain Treatment

Treating wrist sprains and strains is generally a fairly simple affair. This hand wrap for sprains and other wrist injuries makes doing so that much easier thanks to the support and compression it applies. Following are details about why this is one of the best wrist braces for sprains and strains.

  • Wrist sprain band provides lightweight support and protection
  • Compression wrap for sprained wrist care
  • Compression for wrist sprains help by easing painful inflammation and promoting healing
  • Wrist band for sprains provides soothing warmth
  • Flexible sprained wrist sleeve
  • One of the best wrist supports for sprains because it leaves much of the hand free as well as the fingers and thumb
  • Wrist sprain support is composed of premium-grade neoprene
  • Such sprained wrist braces are soft against the skin
  • Sprained wrist compression bandage is latex free
  • Compression wrap for wrist sprains, strains, tendonitis and other sources of wrist pain
  • Hand sprain wrap also works well for arthritis pain and as an athletic protector against injury
  • Universal brace for sprained wrist fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches
  • Sprained wrist brace for the left or right hand
  • Best bandage for sprained or strained wrist is easy to apply thanks to thumb opening and contact closure
  • Black brace for a sprained hand/wrist

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Wrist / Hand Bandage Wrap for Sprains & Pain

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