BraceAbility Adjustable Velcro Wrist Splint

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This wrist immobilization splint is constructed of durable, breathable, padded material for ease of wear and maximum comfort. For smaller sizes, see our Pediatric Wrist Braces, which also fits adults with small wrists.

Detailed Description

Adjustable Velcro Wrist Immobilizer

This splint wrist brace is a favorite for the amount of mobility it permits the hand while immobilizing the wrist in the interests of pain reduction and healing. Those dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), de Quervain’s syndrome or a wrist sprain will appreciate the support’s ability to relieve pain with minimal disruption to daily activity.

The wrist brace with splint does have a strap that loops between the thumb and the index finger. But outside of this noninvasive strap, the thumb and fingers are free of restriction. For even more freedom of motion for the hand, there is maximum contouring at the palmar crease as well as some additional contouring in the vicinity of the pinky finger to permit palmar spread.  The opening for the thumb is also generous to permit a wide range of motion.

The aluminum stay of this immobilizing wrist splint is removable, allowing for a more flexible fit. The fit of the brace can also be easily adjusted via three Velcro closures on the inner part of the wrist. If the strap ends are too long, you can cut off the excess material. Another feature that makes this a comfortable product is the breathable, padded lycra material of which it is constructed.

This wrist and thumb brace extends up the arm for added support to the wrist and forearm. Sizes XS and S are 7" long and sizes M-XL are 8" long. This measurement includes the base of this brace, see image above for details.

Wrist Immobilization Splint for CTS, De Quervain’s, Sprains and More

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve that provides feeling and movement to much of the hand is compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. This might be caused by wrist injury, inflammatory conditions, fluid retention or possibly repetitive motions of the hand/wrist.

The first line of defense is to rest the wrist for several weeks. Often, this includes the use of a wrist splint immobilizer at night and possibly during the day as well. Doing so removes whatever irritant was causing friction between the nerve and the tunnel. It also helps reduce problematic inflammation and swelling. Learn more about carpal tunnels syndrome and CTS treatment.

De Quervain’s syndrome is a somewhat similar condition that involves irritation or restriction of the tendons and the tendon sheath (tendinosis) at the base of the thumb. This is frequently caused by overuse, though it is also associated with pregnancy or inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, treatment focuses on resting the wrist and reducing inflammation.

More specifically, this involves wearing an immobilizing wrist splint (see more de Quervain’s syndrome braces), avoiding irritating activities and taking anti-inflammatory medications. In some cases, a corticosteroid injection may be considered.

Wrists sprains and strains are common injuries to the ligaments or tendons and muscles, respectively, of the wrist. Overusing, overloading or injuring the wrist can tear, stretch and inflame these soft tissues, with the result being pain.

Resolving this pain and getting healing underway for a mild to moderate sprain or strain typically involves following the RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) method and possibly wearing a sprained wrist splint for one or several weeks.

Severe sprains or strains may require surgery to repair the damaged tissue.  This wrist brace might come in handy if post-surgical immobilization is required, as well.

Wrist Brace Features

Besides its affordable price tag, this wrist immobilizing splint has a number of other features that make it an easy sell.

  • Fits wrist circumferences ranging from 4” to 9”
  • Also available in children’s sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Made of lycra material that is breathable and padded
  • Immobilizes the wrist while permitting full hand function
  • Aluminum stay is removable for a more flexible fit
  • Wide thumb opening
  • Extra contouring at the fifth finger for palmar spread
  • Contouring at palmar crease for greater range of motion
  • Easy-to-operate Velcro closures
  • Neutral black color
  • Treats carpal tunnel syndrome, de Quervain’s syndrome, wrist sprains, wrist strains and also well-suited for post-operative care
  • Sizing: Measure the circumference of your wrist, above the wrist bone - X-Small, 4"-5" - Small, 5"-6" - Medium, 6"-7" - Large, 7"-8" - X-Large, 8"-9"

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Wrist
X-Small4" - 5"
Small5" - 6"
Medium6" - 7"
Large7" - 8"
X-Large8" - 9"
Measure the circumference of your wrist above your wrist bone.

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BraceAbility Adjustable Velcro Wrist Splint

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