Elastic Wrist Supports

Elastic Wrist Braces for Wrist Pain, Injuries, and Other Disorders

Wrist pain affects millions of people worldwide and is a fairly common complaint. There are many causes of wrist and hand pain, and these causes may include the following injuries and disorders: tendonitis, sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, ganglion cyst, and fractures.

These wrist disorders and injuries not only cause pain but may lead to a host of other symptoms as well, which may include swelling, inability to straighten or flex the joint, and even deformity. What's more, wrist pain may occur at night while a patient is resting, making it even more inconvenient especially since it robs a person of his or her rest. Wrist pain may also persist beyond a few days.

There are several ways to treat nagging wrist pain, and these options may include resting the afflicted area, application of ice or heat, taking anti-inflammatory medicine, cortisone injections, and—often as a last resort—wrist surgery. However, one of the most effective ways to treat wrist pain brought about by injury or other disorders is wearing elastic wrist supports. Elastic wrist braces can not only help reduce wrist pain but can also help strengthen the affected area as well as provide preventative protection to lower the risk of re-injury. Elastic wrist splints are also used to effectively treat sprains, strains, and fractures. In addition, these elastic wrist supports can not only help prevent some wrist injuries and disorders but can also help act as a gentle support while doing wrist movements and can help you perform simple activities while rehabilitating from a wrist pain.

Advantages of Using an Elastic Wrist Support

Whether you are suffering from wrist sprain or strain, carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive-use injuries, or wrist inflammation or fracture, we at BraceAbility have the perfect selection of elastic wrist supports just for you. Our elastic wrist braces are specially designed to treat almost any kind of wrist injury and condition. One advantage of elastic braces compared to other types of wrist braces is that they are made of high-quality textile fibers that help provide excellent comfort and breathability and, in turn, prevents the accumulation of moisture.  In addition, elastic supports naturally adhere to the shape of the body part (in this case, the wrist), thus providing freedom of movement coupled with excellent support and stability.

Some of the Best Elastic Wrist Wraps Available Here at BraceAbility

The Incredibrace Wrist Sleeve is an elastic wrist support that helps bring comfort to tired wrists, hands, fingers, and arms. This elastic wrist brace helps energize individuals who need extra wrist support and aids those who are suffering from numbness or tingling in the wrist. The Incredibrace Wrist Sleeve can significantly enhance comfort and mobility in the wrist and helps aid in increased blood flow, temperature regulation, and a better supply of oxygen to the targeted area.

In addition, the Incredibrace Wrist Sleeve features a patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend that makes this elastic brace ideal for anyone experiencing discomfort related to circulatory issues or anyone who has suffered a sports-related injury, tendonitis, or injury from repetitive use. It is also anti-microbial, odor absorbing, moisture wicking, and provides supreme comfort. The Incredibrace elastic support for the wrist is an ideal choice for the active or inactive, for arthritic sufferers, for those who engage in sports or other rigorous and strenuous activities that involve the wrist, or for those who are just seeking the best comfort available in a medically designed elastic wrist brace.

Another superb elastic wrist splint is the Bort Arm and Wrist Splint, which can be molded into shape and features an additional Stabilo strap for secure stabilization, a Velcro strap closure on the back of the hand, and an integrated slip-on aid that makes this elastic wrist support easy to put on, even if gripping ability is restricted.

Choose from our selection of high-quality and competitively priced elastic wrist braces and elastic wrist supports depending on your needs. Not sure what wrist elastic brace you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. Looking for other types of elastic braces? Try an Elastic Knee Support.