Rib Cage Belt for Muscle Pain & Strain

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After sustaining an intercostal muscle strain, one of the most important treatment steps is to limit the movement of the torso. This elastic rib belt is helpful to that end, plus the support it provides to the pulled intercostal muscle helps with upper rib pain. 

Detailed Description

Universal Elastic Rib Belt for Intercostal Muscle Strain

This rib cage brace is well suited for treating intercostal muscle pain and other sources of upper back and rib pain. In fact, this thoracic rib belt can help treat the following conditions/injuries that might cause pain on the rib cage:

  • Intercostal muscle tear or strain
  • Costovertebral sprains
  • Rib fracture
  • Bruised ribs

The brace for spine and rib pain is constructed of flexible, premium-quality elastic that conforms to the body and provides lightweight support and a comfortable foam liner.

The brace for intercostal muscle strain treatment comes in a universal size, which translates to savings to the customer and a simpler ordering process. One need only decide between rib wrap for women’s muscle strain and one for men. The two different versions of these rib braces are anatomically designed for a better fit of either the male or female body.

This support for pain on the rib cage can easily be applied simply by positioning the rib cage belt as desired and gently stretching the rib belt to secure the hook-and-loop closure to any part of the foam liner. This Velcro-like contact closure also makes it easy to adjust the amount of rib cage compression the support for intercostal rib pain applies.

The rib cage support belt comes in a simple white color and it fits flush to the body, making this a low-profile rib orthotic.

Note, while this is a great product when it comes to how to relieve rib pain stemming from various injuries to this region of the body, it is not intended for extended periods of use.  Also, more invasive treatment measures will be needed for injuries such as a shattered rib cage.

Treating Intercostal Muscle Pain and Costovertebral Joint Discomfort

When one thinks of the rib cage, one likely thinks of the bones that make up this protective shell for one’s internal organs. But this structure also has muscles that connect the ribs and helps them to contract and expand as needed for breathing.

Unfortunately these important muscles can be stretched or torn via repetitive motions over time or due to stretching or rotation motions, resulting in rib cage muscle pain. Such motions can also lead to thoracic rib pain in the back where the bones of the rib attach to the vertebra of the spine, spraining the costovertebral joint and causing pain in ribs in the back of one’s body.

An intercostal muscle injury may cause constant or severe pain at first (depending upon the severity of the injury), but this will lessen within a few days. However, laughing, coughing, throwing, or breathing deeply will still result in pain on the rib cage. Other possible torn rib muscle symptoms include bruising, swelling, weakness and muscle spasms.

Treatment for an intercostal muscle sprain is a relatively simple affair involving rest, ice and anti-inflammatory pain killers. The rest component of treatment also refers to rest from torso movement, since bending or stretching can cause further tears that cause more pain at the rib cage and slow the healing process.

Gentle stretching exercises are another component of treatment of a rib muscle strain and ultimately recovering from it, though one may need to wait until the bulk of the rib muscles pain subsides before beginning these.

Caring for rib and spine pain stemming from a sprain of the costovertebral joint involves following the steps of rest, ice, compress and elevate. This can help reduce swelling and rib and upper back pain. Wearing this rib cage wrap can help with the compression element of dealing with back & rib pain

Activity modification is another step of dealing with pain in the ribs and upper back, as is taking medicine to reduce pain and swelling. Once inflammation has subsided, one can engage in gentle exercises to maintain the mobility of one’s joints and to ease stiffness. Eventually one may need to undergo physical therapy to regain strength and mobility.

Rib Cage Brace for Pulled Intercostal Muscle

Pain on the ribs from injury to one’s intercostal muscles or some other problem can be quite a disruptive thing as this area is important for breathing—something one cannot exactly take a break from. Wearing a broken rib support can help support this tender area as one heals and protect against further damage. Following is a list of its features that enable it to help with pain in the ribs and back.

  • The support this universal rib wrap provides eases pain on the ribs and back
  • Rib pain brace protects against further damage
  • Gentle compression it applies also helps reduce inflammation and rib intercostal muscle pain
  • Premium-quality elastic of which this rib pain belt is constructed is flexible and breathable
  • Foam liner makes this a more comfortable rib band
  • Intercostal muscle strain rib belt is lightweight and low-profile
  • Indications: Intercostal muscle strains, costovertebral sprains, fractured ribs or bruised ribs
  • Available in a straight male rib belt version or a contoured version for women
  • Universal sizing of rib brace takes the guesswork out of ordering (fits chest circumference 24”-48”)
  • Brace for pain in the back of the ribs has a contact closure for easy application and adjustment

Sizing Chart

Universal - One Size Fits All Measurement taken from chest circumference: 24”- 48”

Additional Information

L Code: L-0210

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Rib Cage Belt for Muscle Pain & Strain

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