Trigger Thumb Treatment Splint

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This item has been discontinued, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please try our Hard Thumb Splint which immobilizes your thumb to help prevent painful trigger thumb symptoms

Detailed Description
This item has been discontinued, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please try our Hard Thumb Splint which immobilizes your thumb to help prevent painful trigger thumb symptoms

Treatment Brace for Trigger Thumb / Stenosing Tenosynovitis

This adjustable trigger finger thumb splint helps to alleviate pain that you are suffering from a trigger finger injury. It is an at home treatment solution to treat your trigger thumb injury and pain. 

This injury occurs when inflammation narrows the space surrounding the tendon, causing the finger to be locked in a bent position. Wearing a trigger finger treatment brace can help to limit motion of your thumb so it will not get caught in a painful position. The thumb pain brace is a good non surgical option for trigger thumb. 

Some signs and symptoms of trigger thumb may include the following:

  • Thumb is stiff or swollen, particularly in the morning

  • A popping or clicking sensation as you move your thumb

  • Tenderness or bump in the palm at your basal thumb joint (the base of your thumb)

  • Finger or thumb catching or locking in a bent position, which suddenly pops out straight

  • Finger or thumb locked in a bent position, which you are unable to straighten

How Can This Trigger Finger Therapy Thumb Splint Help Me?

Trigger finger is common injury that can causes a locking movement and pain in one or more of your fingers. It can be caused by repeatedly grasping or gripping a certain object such as a steering wheel while driving or racket while playing tennis. People whose work or hobbies require repetitive gripping are higher risk of developing trigger thumb or finger. The trigger thumb condition is also seen more in women and anyone with diabetes.

The repetitive motion eventually breaks down the fat pad at the base of the finger or thumb. When this pad starts to break down, the tendon underneath begins to swell. This swelling then causes the locking or popping motion and pain whenever you try and move your finger. A trigger finger wrap like this one helps to immobilize and protect the affected area from further damage and injury.

This trigger finger release brace can be worn on any finger including the index, middle, ring, pinky, or thumb. It is a universal size that is completely adjustable with a Velcro strap. If swelling occurs you can adjust the brace to become smaller or larger in size.

This thumb sleeve can be worn at night when you are sleeping or during the day while working, driving, etc. Wearing the brace at night will prevent your thumb from catching or locking while you are sleeping, and you will wake up with less finger pain. It also can be used after trigger thumb surgery to help keep the finger immobilized and prevent injury from occurring again.

The trigger finger remedy guard brace is constructed of a polyurethane foam that is comfortable against the skin. The exterior side has a soft brushed backing. Sewn inside of the brace is a thin aluminum splint that helps to immobilize your finger to prevent locking or catching.

How Do I Correctly Wear the Trigger Thumb Splint?

No worries in deciding which size is the best fit for you, the splint is universal fitting every finger due to it’s adjustable Velcro strap. Once you have your brace, place the foam side against your palm and adjust the Velcro strap to your perfect fit. The long aluminum splint should be directed downwards towards your palm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trigger Thumb Brace

Is the trigger finger brace adjustable? Can I wear it on any finger?

Yes, this padded finger support is completely adjustable and universal in size. The Velcro straps allow you to adjust the fit of the brace to your perfect size. This means that the brace can be worn on any of your fingers and can be changed throughout the day if your fingers swell.

Does it have a rigid splint?

Yes, this brace is a rigid splint for trigger finger. Sewn inside the brace is an aluminum splint which immobilizes your finger joint.

How long is the trigger thumb protector?

The splint is 2.5” long and 1” wide.

When do I wear it? Overnight?

Depending on your condition, you can wear this brace as little or as much as you prefer. Most people tend to wear it at night to alleviate their pain in the morning.

Can I wear it after surgery?

Yes this brace can be worn post surgery and will offer relief to post surgery pain. However, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor about surgery care.

Can I get it wet?

Getting this brace wet will not noticeably affect the brace, but you will want to let it dry out if it gets wet for optimal comfort. If you consistently get the brace wet without letting it dry out eventually you will notice the Velcro weakening.  It is very easy to take on and off, so we advise removing it before activities such as washing dishes, taking a shower, swimming, etc for the longest lasting and most effective brace possible. It also can be hand washed with mild soap and air dried.

Can it be worn during my daily activities?

Yes, for the most part the brace will not constrict your hand or other fingers so you will be able to perform your everyday activities.

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Trigger Thumb Treatment Splint

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