Soft Thumb Stabilizer for Sprains & Injuries

This universal soft thumb immobilizer is a thumb splint designed to support and stabilize the joints of the thumb in order to help heal and recover thumb sprains, strains and other thumb joint injuries.

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Detailed Description

Thumb Immobilizer for Thumb Sprain Treatment

Thumb sprains, strains and other thumb joint injuries can be very serious and require surgery if not healed promptly and properly. This soft thumb immobilizer is a thumb splint designed to support and stabilize the joints of the thumb in order to help heal and recover from these thumb injuries.

This thumb support brace is anatomically designed to provide comfortable and secure immobilization of the thumb while additionally preserving mobility of the other fingers. This thumb support brace for thumb injury treatment also provides circumferential compression necessary to heal various injuries in the thumb.

Through compression and immobilization of the thumb joints, this unique thumb splint for trigger thumb reduces swelling, manages pain, and prevents the wrist and thumb from harmful movements that would otherwise further one’s damage and pain.

Constructed of vacuum-formed cross linked polyester, this splint for thumb sprain treatment is extremely durable, making it great for everyday use while still remaining comfortable to the wearer. The thumb and wrist splint also features a wrap around contact closure design, making application and adjustability quick and easy for the user.

The thumb immobilizer for thumb sprain treatment is available at BraceAbility in one universal size, fitting most wrist circumferences. With a contoured fit and adjustable straps, patients are able to achieve a customized fit for their particular needs while wearing the thumb splint for trigger thumb.

The thumb immobilizer splint brace is indicated for the following thumb injuries and conditions: 

  • Thumb sprain/strain
  • Thumb tendonitis
  • Trigger thumb
  • Post thumb surgery
  • De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Jammed thumb
  • Dislocated thumb
  • Broken/Fractured thumb
  • Thumb arthritis

Treatment for Sprained Thumb and Thumb Injury


There are a number of conditions for which a period of immobilization either of the wrist or the thumb can be helpful.

Thumb trigger finger is another thumb injury causing irritation and inflammation of the joints. Trigger thumb is thought to be associated with repetitive gripping motions over an extended period, such as if one’s career or hobby involves repeated grabbing motions. In addition to the immobilization thumb splint, there are also trigger thumb exercises that have found to be helpful.

Another relatively common injury is a sprained thumb. A sprained thumb might occur when falling onto an extended hand or when the thumb is jammed by a ball, for example; there are a number of ways the thumb can be forcefully bent into an extreme position.

Following the injury of a sprained thumb, the thumb will likely swell and bruise in addition to causing pain with movement. Instability and a weakness of grip may also be symptoms of a thumb sprain.

Treating thumb sprains and injuries generally involves frequent icing, immobilization of the thumb and taking anti-inflammatory pain medications. Of course, one should always follow the advice of a medical professional.

This thumb joint immobilizer can protect and immobilize both the metacarpophalangeal joint and the thumb saddle joint. This might be needed following damage to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb or for thumb arthritis treatment, including osteoarthritis of the thumb or rhizarthrosis.

A complete tear of the ulnar collateral ligament will require thumb surgeryto repair. Whether one needs immobilization for at-home treatment or following surgery, this brace for sprained thumb care can provide comfortable support and immobilization in order to repair the damaged ligaments in the thumb.

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Wrist
Universal Up to 9"
Measure the circumference of your wrist at your wrist joint.

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Soft Thumb Stabilizer for Sprains & Injuries

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