Arm & Shoulder Slings

How an Arm Sling or Shoulder Sling Can Help Treat Shoulder Dislocation

The shoulder is one of the most frequently dislocated joints because the top of the arm bone sits in a very shallow socket. Ironically, what makes the shoulder extremely mobile also makes it very unstable, and dislocation can happen. This is where an arm sling or dislocated shoulder sling can help. A shoulder dislocation is often caused after a heavy fall onto the arm, and the arm bone will pop out of its socket, causing the supporting tissues to overstretch or tear. Even though the shoulder has been reconnected, it still takes around twelve to sixteen weeks for a dislocated shoulder to heal. Your best option, if it is a dislocation that doesn't need surgery, is using a sling for dislocated shoulder to aid in your recovery.

Signs of a dislocated shoulder may include the following: an extremely painful arm that is difficult to move, the presence of a lump or bulge under the skin in front of the shoulder, and a rather squarish (as opposed to round) appearance of the shoulder. Wearing a shoulder dislocation sling is an excellent way to treat this type of injury.

Patients who have suffered a dislocated shoulder need to seek medical attention immediately. And you have to consider that using arm slings for shoulder alone may not fix the dislocation problem, and surgery may be required. Most patients who suffer extreme shoulder dislocation undergo revision stabilization surgery, and studies show that patients who suffered extreme dislocation of the shoulder who chose to undergo surgery fared better stability-wise than those who were treated non-operatively. As a result, using shoulder slings after surgery is often recommended by the doctor. And it's no surprise, because a shoulder surgery sling can help speed up the recovery of the injured area that has undergone an operation.

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For instance, you may want to check out this DeRoyal arm sling, for postsurgery use.  This shoulder surgery sling is hospital grade and is constructed of lightweight canvas material, which makes wearing it easy and comfortable. The foam block on this DeRoyal arm sling provides 35° of abduction. The shoulder and waist straps can be trimmed to desired length. The thumb loop on this sling for shoulder also prevents wrist drop and allows your arm to be placed in an optimal neutral position for effective healing. What's more, an exercise ball packaged with the shoulder abduction brace helps aid in rehabilitation.  

We also have arm slings for kids available here at BraceAbility, which include this pediatric shoulder immobilizer, our most popular child arm sling. Or you may also want to consider this Corflex kids arm sling, which is designed to aid in the healing process for injuries to the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. Manufactured from seamless, lightweight, and durable material, this child arm sling provides adequate support for proper recovery.

You might also want to check out Corflex pediatric arm slings available here at BraceAbility, like this pediatric arm sling for arm injury with added cast support that is designed for kids' injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist, or hand thereby keeping the arm in a neutral position during the healing process. This child arm sling by Corflex can also be used as a toddler arm sling or as a sling for older children, since it is available in two sizes. In addition, another pediatric shoulder sling immobilizer from Corflex provides immobilization following rotator cuff repairs, S/P glenohumeral acromioplasty surgery, or other shoulder-related injuries. Manufactured from seamless lightweight muslin material, this rotator cuff sling is durable and provides excellent support.

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