Athletic Shoulder Stabilizer Compression Brace for Sports

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This athletic shoulder brace supports and stabilizes the muscles, ligaments and joints of the shoulder as needed for treating or preventing a number of injuries. The shoulder brace for basketball, football, motocross and more is constructed of one-way stretch material that stabilizes the shoulder while still allowing the movement required by sports. 

Detailed Description

Athletic Shoulder Brace for Sports Injuries & Protection

This shoulder brace for football, volleyball, weight lifting and more is a versatile solution for a number of shoulder injuries or simply for added support or as a preventative measure.

The compression shoulder support wraps around one’s ribs beneath the arms and stretches over the shoulder and down the injured arm for a high degree of support without compromising the function of the shoulder and arm.

The basketball shoulder brace features cutouts in the bicep and triceps area, beneath the arm and across the chest and back. This improves the breathability of the basketball shoulder sleeve in addition to keeping it from restricting or irritating one’s upper body as one passes or shoots a ball.

Soft binding at the edges of the shoulder compression brace also helps prevent it from irritating or chaffing the skin. This also preserves the integrity of the brace, keeping it from wearing or fraying.

The one-way stretch of the football shoulder support stabilizes the shoulder and provides light compression. The compression of the sports shoulder brace reduces painful inflammation and encourages healing at an injured shoulder area by increasing blood flow to the region.

The shoulder stabilizer for sports has hook-and-loop (Velcro-like) closures beneath both arms and at the bicep. This makes the product more customizable than many shoulder braces for sports. T

he highly adjustable nature of the shoulder stabilizer for athletes also takes away some of the stress of picking the correct athletic shoulder support size. This universal basketball shoulder support fits chest circumferences ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches.

One can wear this low-profile shoulder brace for baseball either over or beneath one’s clothes or uniform.

This athletic shoulder sleeve fits either the left of right shoulder and it comes in a simple black color.

Best Shoulder Brace for Football, Basketball or Baseball

A shoulder stabilizer sleeve is an in-demand item for many sports that tax the shoulder. Overhead throwing, especially, puts a high amount of stress on the shoulder. Swinging, lifting, spiking, tackling or even absorbing the impact of a fall can also strain, sprain and otherwise injure the shoulder.

Treating such injuries is important as failure to do so can lead to more serious problems such as a rotator cuff tear or shoulder dislocation that can cause one long-lasting trouble.

Typically, the initial steps for treating various shoulder injuries include activity modification, resting, icing and compressing the shoulder as well as taking anti-inflammatory medications to reduce inflammation. This motocross shoulder brace can help with the compression element of these steps, in addition to supporting the tissues of the shoulder.

If you are struggling with shoulder pain, it might also be worth checking out Corflex’s shoulder compression/ice wrap that combines cold therapy and air-based compression or the even more affordable Corflex cryotherm cold or heated shoulder wrap.

Physical therapy to improve one’s range of motion and strengthen the muscles that support the joint is another common mode of treatment. Addressing any stressful mechanical issues when it comes to throwing may also reduce stress on the shoulder. This shoulder brace for sports is intended for active use, meaning it can be used as one goes through therapy and gets back to athletic activity.

A cortisone injection to reduce inflammation is another possible step if some of the aforementioned methods fail to bring relief.

In some cases, surgery may be needed to repair the damage. BraceAbility offers a number shoulder braces for post-operative use.

Key Features of Shoulder Brace for Basketball

Shoulder supports for sports can help with a wide range of injuries. The comfortable but functional design of this weight lifting shoulder support makes it one of the best shoulder braces for sports.

  • Volleyball shoulder brace supports and stabilizes the shoulder muscle, ligaments and joints
  • Golf shoulder support eases the symptoms of moderate shoulder strains and sprains
  • Shoulder brace for tennis is composed of one-way stretch material for flexible support
  • Shoulder brace for golf and more has soft binding on the edges that won’t chaff or irritate the skin
  • The binding of the shoulder support for tennis also preserves the integrity of the brace
  • Tennis shoulder support has cutouts at the bicep and tricep areas, beneath the arms and across the chest and back
  • Cutouts prevent the shoulder brace for skiing from restricting movement
  • The open areas of the shoulder brace for soccer also improves its breathability
  • Velcro closures make it easy to secure and adjust the ski shoulder strap
  • Such closures are located beneath each arm and at the bicep for a customizable fit
  • Shoulder brace for snowboarding comes in a universal size that fits either the right or left shoulder
  • Shoulder brace for softball fits chest circumferences ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches
  • Sports brace for the shoulder is composed of a mix of rubber, nylon and polyester, making it durable and flexible; this fabric mix also avoids absorbing water
  • Lightweight shoulder support for athletes can be worn over or beneath one’s clothes
  • Black shoulder strain brace goes with most attire for men and women

Sizing Chart

SizeChest Circumference
Universal - One Size 30" - 48"
Measure the circumference of chest at bottom of sternum.

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Athletic Shoulder Stabilizer Compression Brace for Sports

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