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MCL, LCL, PCL and ACL Knee Brace

This ACL brace might more aptly be dubbed a ligament knee brace since it can help one recover from or protect against a number of ligament injuries, including tears or sprains of the following:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Medial collateral ligament (MCL)
  • Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
  • Combined instabilities (CI)

This treatment for torn ACL and other ligaments is also versatile in that it is both a functional and a prophylactic knee brace. A functional knee brace is one that helps with instability by compensating for the damaged or missing ligaments. Functional knee supports are used during the rehabilitation process following an injury and/or surgery. They can also prevent further damage as part of sprained ACL treatment, for example.

A prophylactic knee brace is one that is worn specifically as a preventive care measure. Typically one will encounter these in high risk and contact sports. Such braces are popular knee braces for football, rugby, hockey, etc.

For more options, see BraceAbility’s full selection of ACL knee braces, LCL knee braces, MCL knee braces and PCL knee braces.  

Features of the ACL Sports Brace

This particular treatment for torn ligament injuries is designed with technology that optimizes it as a knee support for rugby, lacrosse, football and other high-risk activities.  For one, it has a strong, lightweight aluminum frame that protects damaged or repaired knee ligaments. The fit of this hockey knee brace is low profile so that it is comfortable and minimally disruptive to one’s athletic performance.

There is a cuff at the calf of this knee brace for hockey and other sports that cups the posterior part of the leg, reducing pressure on the tibia at the front of the shin. This cuff and its silicone grips help keep the brace suspended. The rigid top of the brace also helps with suspension.

The ACL prophylactic brace has metal hinges with slide guard that ensure that one’s motion will be in a smooth, controlled manner; they also protect against damaging motions like hyperextension. The linkage hinge tracks the knee axis for improved suspension of the support. These motion-friendly features help this ACL brace to stand out from other football knee braces and other athletic supports.  

The liners of this ACL tear brace are compression molded and padded. And since one might have to spend a substantial amount of time wearing the brace, a comfortable fit is quite important.

The fact that this is an off-the-shelf brace for torn ACL treatment means it comes with a more affordable price tag than custom orthotics sometimes prescribed for such injuries, despite the fact that some aspects of this functional brace for ligament injuries can be customized.

Torn ACL Treatment

An increasingly common sports injury is a tear to the ACL, and unfortunately, this ligament necessary for full knee function. However, not everyone opts to have surgery to repair it since one can train the muscles of the leg to make up for much of the ACL’s shortfall. The added support of a functional knee brace can also help one do activities the individual otherwise might not be able to withstand due to the missing or injured ACL.

Damage to the ACL can increase the pressure on other ligaments, increasing the risk of a tear elsewhere. ACL braces are also helpful from this standpoint.

But the limitations in knee function mean many, especially athletes, do opt to reconstruct the ACL via surgery. Ahead of surgery, one might wear an ACL brace like this one to prevent further damage from occurring while a surgeon waits for swelling to subside.

Following surgery, one will likely wear a functional knee brace for a number of weeks to protect the healing ligament and prevent reinjury. As one gets back to activity, use of a prophylactic brace for the knee might also be considered.

In either case, a comfortable and accurate fit of the brace is important. A brace that slides down on the leg will do little to protect the knee joint. And since one must wear the ACL knee brace around the clock after surgery, it is important that the brace is comfortable as well. This brace, with its suspension features, lightweight fit, compression-molded padding and more addresses these needs. 

Another consideration is that one’s knee and the muscle will change notably in size during the rehabilitation period. Surgery will cause swelling in the leg for several days, and then afterward, diminished activity will cause the muscle tissue to waste away. Physical therapy helps to rebuild this muscle, but this takes time. The fit of this brace is adjustable to account for such changes. 

Orthotic Treatment for Torn ACL

This functional and prophylactic knee brace for treating and preventing ACL tears and other ligament injuries is a high-quality product with numerous selling points. They include:

  • Rigid top helps with suspension
  • Low-profile
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum frame is strong and durable
  • Frame can be customized
  • Posterior calf cuff minimizes tibia pressure
  • Compression-molded faux-suede padded liners
  • Silicone grip material on calf strap aids brace suspension
  • Metal linkage hinge tracks knee axis for better movement and suspension
  • Integrated slide guard
  • Stabilizes damaged or deficient ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL ligaments and combined injuries
  • Ideal for pre- and post-surgical treatment (see more post-op knee supports.)
  • Prophylactic brace for contact sports and high-risk activities
  • Off-the-shelf price
  • Available in five sizes (circumference 6 inches above mid-patella, mid-patella, 6” below mid-patella)
Sizing chart ACL sports brace. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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