Pressure Relief Post-Op Shoe Insole for Wound Care & Ulcerations

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Off Loading Shoe Inserts for Pressure Relief Shoe

These pressure relief insoles can truly be customized to each patient’s offloading needs thanks to peg-assist technology. One can remove the pegs from the pressure relief insole exactly as needed for foot pressure relief.

To do so, one should first remove any existing insole from the boot or shoe for pressure sores and replace it with the offloading shoe insert, with the blue side up. Next one should wrap the affected area of the foot in a film of some sort and use the marker pen to mark the area of the foot where offloading is needed. Then press one's foot against the blue side of the pad.

Using said markings, one can take the insert back out of the boot and remove the black pegs beneath the marking, using a twisting motion. Note that this should be done slowly so that the top layer of (blue) cushioning does not tear.

Next, one should peel the white paper off of the stabilizer board and attach the sticky side to the peg side of the insole for off loading shoes. The stabilizer board beneath the pegged section prevents the pegs of the offloading insoles that were next to those that were removed from collapsing.

Add the insole back into one's boot or shoe and the process is complete.

As you can see, creating shoes that offload pressure is a relatively simple process that does not require any special tools.

The post-op shoe soles reduce pressure by as much as 60%. Besides the benefits the post-op shoe insert offers in terms of wound care and healing, this also enables one to continue walking. The post-op shoe off load insoles are constructed of an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a foam material that is firm enough for comfortable movement.

The specific pressure relief insole also takes care to eliminate the occurrence of ring edema and edge abrasion via a cushioning cover.

These post-surgical shoe inserts can be added to square-toed, pressure-relieving shoes or boots. This enables the post-op shoe insoles to help with many conditions, ranging from diabetic ulcers to a bruised heel to care for the foot after surgery to repair of a heel fracture, for instance.

These insoles for surgery boots are a cost-effective solution for one's pressure relief needs.

Pressure Relief Insoles for Wound and Post-surgical Care

This peg assist insole for foot sores, post-operative care and more is a versatile solution for those who hope to remain mobile while keeping pressure off of the foot. These shoe inserts for post foot surgery care make this possible, as they can convert one's footwear into off loading shoes or a boot.

The post-op shoe cushions can be used for any occasion where one is in need of shoes that reduce pressure on an area of the foot. This might include lacerations of the foot, plantar ulcers, pressure points on the heel or sole of the foot, heel spurs or after various plantar surgeries.

Immediate treatment of such injuries might involve wound treatment, stitches and possibly a period of non-weight bearing. But as one's care progresses and pressure on the foot is allowed, patients will likely find themselves in need of an insole that provides foot pressure relief for one's shoe.

This keeps pressure off the sore, tender area of the foot. Besides the pain relief the post-op shoe padding provides, the up to 60% pressure reduction the insole for surgical boots provide allows healing to occur more quickly.

These particular insoles for pressure sores also include a cushioning cover that prevents the edge of the support from rubbing or causing an edema ring to form.

An added benefit of adding inserts to shoes for heel pressure sores is that allowing one to move about and put pressure on the foot rather than being bedridden or on crutches improves blood flow to the region, which is also great for healing. In addition, the movement allowed by these pads prevents the tissues of one's legs from shrinking and weakening due to a period of inactivity.

Details of Peg Assist Pressure Relief Insole

These off loading insoles for shoes or walker boots feature an innovative design that relies on layers of foam, pegs and stabilizing material to reduce pressure on specific areas of the foot. Following is a detailed list of its features.

  • Post-op wound shoes reduce pressure on specific areas of the foot for quick healing and pain relief
  • Shoe peg insert allows one to remain mobile while recovering from surgery, diabetic ulcers or lacerations of the foot
  • Insoles for pressure sores can be added to most square-toed boots or shoes
  • Removable pegs make it easy to customize the pressure-relieving areas of these insoles after heel surgery or other injury
  • Includes a red marker that makes it easy to target the area where pressure relief is needed, from the side of the foot to the heel to its sole
  • Stabilizer board of the post-op shoe for wounds prevents the pegs next to the removed ones from collapsing
  • Stabilizing pad and firm EVA material make the shoe insert for post op shoes easy to walk in
sizing chart for pressure relief insole fits foot lengths up to 11.6 inches
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