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Neoprene Sleeve for the Thigh

Compression sleeves are a popular item thanks to the numerous benefits they bring athletes and non-athletes alike. This particular sleeve for the thigh and groin is composed of premium-grade neoprene.

Neoprene is not breathable, meaning the quad sleeve will hold in heat and warm the leg. This can soothe sore muscles or joints in addition to stimulating blood flow to the encased region.

This material also compresses the muscles of the thigh, which also encourages blood flow to the soft tissues of the thigh. This speeds lactic acid or inflammation removal, easing pain and promoting healing.

In addition, the thigh brace supports the soft tissues of one’s leg, reducing strain so that healing or quadriceps, hamstring or groin injuries can occur.

This material is soft against the skin and it is free of latex. The low-profile fit of the quadriceps sleeve means it fits easily beneath one’s clothes. It is also quite lightweight, adding to its comfort appeal.

The hamstring sleeve is 11 inches long and one can pull it higher on the thigh if groin compression and/or support is needed.

This sleeve for the upper leg comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from an extra-small to a 3XL thigh sleeve.

An added bonus is its affordable price. In-demand compression garments often sell for two or three times the price of this inexpensive thigh compression sleeve.

How Does a Thigh Sleeve Work?

Following most injuries, a doctor will recommend applying compression to help reduce painful inflammation. The same goes for pulled hamstring muscles, sore quads, groin injuries and the like.

This thigh wrap makes the compression element of thigh injury treatment easy—one simply slides the thigh garment up the leg and adjusts its placement as needed.

The warming quality of the neoprene thigh support also helps soothe sore muscles. But the fact that this hamstring support is not breathable and therefore warms the tissues of the thigh also means it is not ideal for everyone.

Those seeking a thigh sleeve for sports performance or recovery benefits may find a breathable sleeve such as an athletic hamstring and quad compression sleeve better suited to their needs. The material of this thigh compression sleeve is breathable and antimicrobial, plus it allows moisture to escape. Or for even more support, one might consider a breathable padded thigh sleeve.

On the other hand, those who participate in sports in cold climates, such as snowboarding, skiing, skating or even running in the winter may appreciate the warming qualities of this neoprene sleeve for sports.

Key Features of Upper Leg & Thigh Warming Sleeve

This neoprene thigh wrap has a number of qualities that make it well suited for treating injuries to the thigh and groin. Following is a detailed list of them.

  • Upper leg brace is constructed of premium-quality neoprene
  • Neoprene leg wrap warms, supports and compresses the thigh and groin area
  • Compression of the hamstring support sleeve reduces inflammation and speeds healing
  • Treats: Strained or sore quadriceps, hamstrings or groin muscles, general thigh pain
  • Comfortable thigh sleeve is soft against the skin and flexible
  • Application is as simple as pulling it up the leg and positioning it as needed
  • Seam of the thigh orthotic located at the back of the leg
  • Brace for quad injuries is 11 inches long
  • Quad sleeve is low-profile so it easily fits beneath clothes
  • Can be used as a lightweight leg warmer for running or exercising at night or in cooler temperatures.
  • Hamstring injury sleeve sits just above the kneecap
  • Black sleeve for thigh compression
  • Latex-free hamstring wrap
  • Numerous sizes available, including plus-size thigh sleeves
Sizing chart for upper leg and thigh warming sleeve. Available in sizes XS-3XL.
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