Ice / Heat Wrap for Leg, Thigh, Calf, Hamstring or Quad Pain with 2 Gel Packs


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Hot/Cold Knee Brace

This elastic knee wrap has an inner pocket that will hold one 6" x 10" hot/cold therapy gel packs. This along with the compression the wrap provides makes it a highly valuable tool for dealing with a vast number of injuries. See more compression knee braces.

How does this heated knee wrap work for various body parts? It is made of a stretchy elastic material that allows you to choose what body part you plan on icing or heating—neck, thigh, calves, back, arm, ankle, etc. It fits up to a 24-inch circumference.

The hot and cold therapy knee brace is constructed of soft, breathable latex-free elastic. It can be closed with a Velcro contact closure and it has a pocket to hold the gel pack. This cooling wrap includes two gel packs that are reusable. The brace only uses one pack at a time, so the second ice pack could be stored in the freezer as a backup.

To freeze the gel packs, simply put them in the freezer for two hours and allow them to thaw slightly before using.

For heat therapy, one has two options. The patient can boil 2 quarts of water, remove the pot from heat and immerse the gel pack in hot water for 7 to 10 minutes. The process is similar to the microwave option of heating this gel pack. For this, place the gel pack in a microwave-safe container, cover with water and heat for one minute. Test the heat of the pack and add time if needed.

Note that one should never place the gel packs directly against the skin. Also, after heating the gel pack, be sure to let it cool before placing it in the freezer.

Heat and Ice Knee Wrap for Pain

Ice and heat therapy and compression are go-to methods for treating a wide variety of injuries. Compression promotes blood flow, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Ice helps reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Heat therapy, on the other hand, dilates one's blood vessels, improves circulation and minimizes muscle spasms. Thus, heat and cold therapy stimulate one's body's natural defense mechanisms.

This wrap for cold and heat therapy also applies compression, making it a highly effective tool. This can help with conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Post-op use
  • As part of rehab
While heat and cold therapy are sometimes used in conjunction, one should not just assume this is a good choice. Ice can actually irritate a problem that heat therapy might help, and vice versa. Thus, it is important to seek the advice of a medical professional and/or do thorough research.

Heat/Ice Universal Wrap

This knee wrap for heat and cold therapy simplifies what can be an annoying or an unpleasant task. It helps to hold the gel pack in place so you don't have to do the work. Following is a breakdown of its features that make it a popular product:

  • Provides concentrated cold or heat therapy and compression
  • Can be used for various body parts (knee, leg, thigh, calf, shin, arm, neck, back, and more
  • Universal size (fits up to 24" circumference)
  • Includes two reusable 6" x 10" gel packs which can be heated or frozen.
  • This wrap only holds one 6" x 10" gel pack at a time - so while you are using one you can store the other in the freezer so you always have one that is cold.
  • An inner pocket holds one gel pack in place
  • Easy-to-follow heating or cooling instructions
  • Constructed of soft, breathable elastic material
  • Helps with arthritis, strains, sprains, post-op use, rehab and more
  • Easy application with adjustable Velcro closure
Sizing chart for universal hot and cold knee brace fits leg circumferences up to 24 inches
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