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Sarmiento Brace for Humeral Bone Fractures

Broken upper arm braces are a much more comfortable, convenient mode of treating a humerus fracture than a hanging cast or sling. Plus, wearing a Sarmiento brace for humerus support has actually been shown to lead to better results than wearing a humerus fracture cast in terms of one’s recovery.

This upper arm brace provides circumferential compression to the soft tissue around one’s humerus, controlling and supporting the segments of one’s upper arm.  The components of the humerus brace that do so are made of rigid polyethylene, a lightweight but durable plastic material.

The rigid components of the upper arm splint are lined with closed-cell foam. This lightweight material helps the Sarmiento humerus fracture brace conform comfortably to one’s arm.

The Sarmiento brace instructions are easy to follow and contact closures make application a breeze. One simply slides his or her upper arm into the humeral fracture orthosis and tightens the straps to one’s desired level.

The inclusion of two straps allows a more customized fit of this humerus splint. In addition, one will likely experience swelling with a fractured upper arm, followed by some muscle atrophy due to its relative lack of use. Therefore, the adjustable nature of the closures of this humeral splint is a great feature.

The upper arm support brace is intended for treatment of distal (lower end of the humerus near the elbow) or diaphyseal (mid-shaft) fractures of the humerus. It may also be helpful in instances of a deep bone bruise or a strained arm muscle.

The polyethylene shell of this humeral shaft fracture splint is breathable thanks to holes that allow heat and moisture to escape.

The Sarmiento cuff covers no more of the body than is necessary. Therefore, it does not impact the function of either the shoulder or the elbow. If immobilization of either of these joints is needed, we have a number of elbow supports and shoulder braces that can help, as well as slings for the arm.

Cleanup of these upper arm splints is easy. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild soap or disinfectant and then wipe the braces for upper arm breaks dry.

Benefits of a Sarmiento Upper Arm/Humerus Fracture Splint

Fractures to the humerus/upper arm bone account for around 3% to 5% of all fractures in adults. A broken arm at the humerus is associated with osteoporosis in older adults. In contrast, this break is usually associated with high-energy trauma to the arm or penetrating trauma to it in younger adults.

Wearing Sarmiento braces for broken humerus injuries can actually yield superior results to a hanging cast or sling in some cases. Such splints for an upper arm break provide minimal support via circumferential compression that stabilizes the limb.

The Sarmiento brace for broken arm care allows movement of both the shoulder and the elbow. Early muscle function and joint motion can encourage gravity alignment of one’s bone fragments and can help with varus (inward angulation) or internal rotational alignment. Such alignment problems can develop with hanging casts or slings.

Typically, one will have to wear such a humerus bone fracture brace for around nine to ten weeks, though the recovery time will vary by individual. Also of note, the recovery period will be lengthened for those who have sustained an open fracture with soft tissue damage.

A humerus bone fracture brace is not an appropriate primary mode of treatment in all circumstances. While it might be a great brace for an arm hair line fracture or some other small fracture of the humerus, instances where there are neurologic or vascular complications should not be treated by bracing. The same can be said for fractures with an unacceptable reduction or position. Open fractures where the bone pushes through one’s skin is another possible exception.

But after a period of immobilization and casting, a doctor might recommend switching to a more functional brace for humerus fracture care like this.

For injuries where a bit more support is needed, one might consider this Sarmiento coaptation brace with a removable arm cuff.

Features of Upper Arm Brace for a Fractured Humerus

This humeral fracture brace is a simple but effective remedy for fractures to the bone of the upper arm. Indeed, some studies have shown a Sarmiento orthotic to be the best brace for humerus fracture care. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • Arm fracture brace compresses the soft tissue around the upper arm
  • Brace for upper arm pain supports the humerus and holds bone fragments in place
  • Humeral brace allows full elbow and shoulder range of motion
  • Functional approach to healing encouraged by humeral shaft fracture braces improves odds for a full function recovery
  • Does not pose the risk of compromising rotation of the arm, as might  be the case with a distal or midshaft humerus fracture cast
  • Compression and support provide pain relief for fractured humerus
  • A great treatment and recovery aid for mid-shaft or distal humerus fractures.
  • Also functions as a brace for a pulled muscle in the upper arm or deep bone bruise
  • Hard arm brace for humerus fracture is constructed of rigid polyethylene
  • Lightweight but durable broken arm brace
  • Low-profile humerus/arm brace still allows you to use your elbow, forearm and wrist while healing your upper arm.
  • Velcro closures make it easy to put on a humeral fracture brace
  • Two contact closures make it easy to adjust the fit of the humerus fracture arm brace
  • Brace for a broken bone in the upper arm is available in four sizes for an optimized fit
  • It’s easy to apply the humeral fracture brace—simply slide it on and tighten the straps
  • Brace for broken upper arm is lined with closed-cell foam for a comfortable fit
  • Slats improve the breathability of this broken humerus brace
  • Relatively inexpensive to buy a humeral splint
  • This sarmiento cuff for humeral fractures is white & nude in color
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