Child Arm Sling for Toddlers & Kids

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Comfortable and Affordable Child Arm Sling

This kids' arm sling has a number of features that make it a comfortable and effective product for dealing with a wide variety of injuries to the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand. This toddler arm sling can also work as a cast support.

This arm sling for kids is seamless and lightweight. This makes the child sling for broken arm treatment a more comfortable experience that does not irritate the skin. Unlike some other arm slings for kids, this youth arm sling features a shoulder strap pad so that the child-size arm sling does not irritate the shoulder and/or neck.

The material of which this arm sling for a child is also quite durable—as appropriate considering the age group it is intended for and the high amount of use it will get. Another important factor when it comes to kids' arm slings is washability—this child's arm sling can be hand washed using mild soap and warm water.

The sling for child shoulder pain holds the arm in a neutral position. It also features a thumb loop; this prevents the wrist from dropping or dangling out the end of the sling for kids.

This sling for kids' broken wrist, injured shoulder, fractured arm, broken clavicle, etc., has a double D-ring hook and loop closure. This makes these arm slings for children easy to apply and to adjust. A struggle to apply or adjust such pediatric arm slings would likely cause more arm pain in a child.

This arm sling for kids comes with a low price tag. Therefore, there is no reason to debate between purchasing a children's arm sling and looking up how to make an arm sling for a child to save some money.

Pediatric Arm Sling for Child Arm Pain

A fracture of a bone, a tendon strain or other bone or tissue injuries are all potential reasons for buying children's arm slings. And one's child may need the support of a sling for injurious to various parts of the upper body, such as a broken collarbone, a rotator cuff tear, a fractured wrist/arm or a dislocated shoulder.

Arm slings for children are often a component of treatment for wrist fractures, collarbone fractures or broken arms in children because they protect the injury from outside forces and from one's own movement. Movement can actually cause additional damage and prolong the healing process. Supporting the broken arm in a sling can act as a helpful reminder not to move it while holding the arm still so that healing has a chance to occur.

Kids' slings for broken arms that contain a thumb loop such as this can also help keep the arm in its proper position and relieve strain on the wrist, forearm, and hands.  This also keeps the wrists from stretching too far and makes the wrist fracture sling easier to apply.

Holding the arm still via a kids' broken arm sling helps ease the pain. Plus a child might need the support if he or she has a heavy cast as part of treating a broken arm or broken wrist in children.

Key Features of Broken Arm Sling for Toddlers and Kids

When one is dealing with a broken bone in the arm of a child or toddler or any injury, an effective but comfortable sling is a priority. Following are some of the reasons this sling for a wide variety of upper body injuries is an ideal solution:

  • Seamless arm sling is child-friendly
  • Broken wrist child-size sling is lightweight
  • Shoulder pad lessen the strain of the strap in the sensitive neck area
  • Protects and supports the arms, wrist, and shoulder
  • Indications: injuries to the arm, shoulder wrist or hand, ranging from a sprained wrist to a dislocated shoulder to a broken arm
  • Sling can help support a cast as well
  • Holds arm in a neutral position so proper healing can occur
  • Double D-ring hook and loop closure
  • Sling for a kids' sprained wrist and more is easy to apply, take off and adjust
  • Neutral black material
  • Includes thumb loop to lessen the strain on one's arm, wrist, and hand
  • Use of thumb loop can also help one to heal properly
  • Arm sling for kids can be washed (by hand with warm water and mild soap)
  • Universal kids' sling fits most children (Pouch size: 12 inches X 5 inches)
  • We also offer larger sizes for adults
Sizing chart for children's arm sling is universal (one size fits most kids)
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