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Walking Boot After Bunion Surgery

The outward turning of the lower part of one’s big toe can cause some individuals quite a bit of pain, so much so that surgery to repair the bunion is needed if non-surgical methods of bunion treatment fail. There are a number of procedures one can undergo to realign the joint, correct any deformity and ease pain.

After the procedure one’s foot will be enclosed in bandages that hold the toe in its corrected position and one must wear a cast or walking boot for bunion surgery recovery. A bunion surgery boot protects the foot.

Even after several weeks when the sutures are removed, one’s foot will likely need the added support of dressings and/or a bunion surgery walking boot. Doing so is important, as disturbing one’s foot could lead to a recurrence of the bunion.

This particular post-bunion-surgery boot has a square-toe design that keeps pressure away from the tender toe area.

The bunion surgery post-op boot has a highly adjustable forefoot closure that can accommodate a cast, bandage or just the foot. This component of the boot for bunion surgery also can be switched between a left/right closure, depending upon what foot was treated. Twin fastener strips ensure the upper flap of the boot worn after bunion surgery does not come loose, and an ankle strap provides additional stability while wearing it.

The shock-absorbing insole of this boot is comfortable against one’s feet. This material is also considered more eco-friendly since chlorine is not used in its production.

Ribbing along the bottom of the medical boot used after bunion surgery keeps one from slipping when one is allowed to move about. Avoiding a fall is pretty critical when it comes to a successful recovery from surgery to repair a bunion. 

The upper portion of the bunion surgery recovery walking boot is a tricot foam material. This makes the after bunion surgery boot soft but durable. This material is also quite lightweight and flexible. 

This post-op bunion surgery boot features a low-profile fit, relative to many bulky boots used after bunion surgery.

Note that BraceAbility offers several different kinds of post-op boots for bunion surgery. A top seller is our short air boot for bunion surgery.

Be sure to consult a doctor regarding which boot one should wear after bunion surgery and as one’s recovery progresses.

The boots to wear after bunion surgery can also help with other foot injuries where a period of full or partial immobilization might be needed.

What Shoes to Wear After Bunion Surgery and Other Recovery Tips

A bunion is a fairly non-descript term used to describe a problem that can develop as a result of a hallux valgus deformity where the big toe is bent toward the midline of the foot so that it overlaps the second toe.

The usual culprit for this is prolonged wearing of shoes that do not fit properly—usually ones with a narrow, pointed toe box. But genetic factors, arthritis or polio can also be to blame.

As a bunion progresses, this can cause pain—in some cases debilitating discomfort that renders one unable to walk more than a few blocks.

Not all bunions progress, and wearing shoe that fit properly can make a world of difference for easing one’s pain and stopping the deformity from reaching a painful stage. There are also orthotics one can wear for bunion treatment without surgery.

But in some cases, surgery is warranted to address the toe deformity and pain. Generally speaking, bunion surgery involves the removal and/or realignment of soft tissue and bone to ease pain and return the joint of the big toe to normal alignment. This might include the use of wires, screws, plates, etc. to hold one’s bones in place.

The length of one’s recovery period will vary depending upon how much of the soft tissue and bone is affected by one’s surgery. The same can be said for the amount of time where one will need to wear a boot or cast after bunion surgery.

Walking boots for post bunion surgery protect the foot and against outside forces, in addition to holding it still so that it has a chance to heal. The highly adjustable fit of this particular boot for bunion surgery means one can adjust it to fit a cast or bandaging. One can also size it down as needed as swelling subsides.

In some cases no or limited weight bearing will be required for period of time. And when one does transition out of a walking or air boot for bunion surgery, special or stiff-soled shoes may be required for some time.

Your doctor will advise you as to what kind of boot you wear after bunion surgery as well as for how long.

And when one does transition out of walking in a boot after bunion surgery and to normal shoes, one must pay attention as to what type of shoe he or she wears. Note that returning to narrow, ill-fitting shoes or high heels can cause the bunion to return.

Key Details on Surgical Boot for after Bunion Surgery

Wearing a walking boot post-bunion surgery is an important component of a successful recovery from a bunionectomy and other ankle or foot injuries, such as a sprained toe. Following is a list of the features that set this boot apart from other walking boots for post-bunion surgery.

  • Square-toe design makes this one of the best boots for after bunion surgery
  • Square opening at the end of post-op bunionectomy boot keeps pressure off the tender area
  • Boots for after bunion surgery protect the foot
  • Provides foot support after bunion surgery
  • Adjustable forefoot closure of the post-bunionectomy boot can accommodate a cast, bandaging or a bare foot
  • Dual fastener straps that secure the forefoot closure keeps the recovery boot for bunion surgery from detaching
  • Contact closure makes it easy to apply and remove the bunion boot after surgery
  • Ankle strap makes one more stable walking in these boots after bunion surgery
  • Post bunionectomy boots have an EVA insole that helps with shock absorption
  • Tricot foam is used to construct the upper portion of the bunion surgery Velcro boot
  • Foam of this bunionectomy post-op boot is lightweight, flexible and durable
  • Soft foot boot to wear after bunion surgery
  • Low-profile bunion surgery and ankle surgery boot
  • Comfortable post bunion surgery recovery boot
  • Can be used as a weight-bearing or non-weight bearing boot after bunion surgery
  • Ribbing on the bottom of the post bunionectomy walking boot
  • Indications: post-bunionectomy and for other foot surgeries; for use with compression bandaging of foot and ankle, toe or foot sprains
  • Weight: Small is 8.7 ounces, Medium is 9.5 ounces, Large is 10.7 ounces, X-Large is 1 pound 2 ounces.
The sizing on the post bunion surgery boot fits starting at womens sizes 5.5 through mens size 11+
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