Soft Compression Ankle & Foot Support Sleeve

Compression Ankle & Foot Sleeve

This ankle sleeve helps to keep the ankle compressed in order to relieve pressure at the base of the ankle. Sprained and similar ankle injuries become aggravated from contact pressure and this support helps eliminate that pain. The compression that this ankle brace provides sets it apart from other support braces, making it ideal for recovery purposes.

This ankle brace is made of a lightweight, breathable material that provides the sleeve with a four-way stretch. The unique knitted pattern allows for greater vertical stretch. Seamless construction of the sleeve provides maximum comfort to the user. This material is soft and comfortable against the injured foot.

The warm, soothing compression reduces swelling in the foot, but does not retain heat or moisture. The sleeve features an open-toe design allowing the toes a full range of motion and maximum breathability. Easy pull- on application allows the user to quickly pull the sleeve over the foot until the heel fits comfortably into the heel pocket of the brace.

Ankle Brace for Many Ankle Injuries

One can easily sprain the ankle when doing a number of daily or athletic activities. Following such injuries, an ankle sleeve that provides support and compression can help reduce swelling and ease pain. Other ankle injuries could include ankle strains, ankle arthrosis, and general ankle ligament instability. This compression ankle and foot sleeve can help relieve painful sprains and stabilize the ankle while one recovers from these injuries.

A sprained ankle can be easily healed with the ability of the brace to limit contact pressure with surfaces. This gives the ankle joints, ligaments, and cartilages time to heal properly while still giving some mobility to the user.

Wearing this ankle brace can also help prevent ankle injuries, such as twisting or rolling the ankle. The compression sleeve will help to hold the ankle ligaments in place and avoid those painful movements.

The ankle sleeve can be worn on either the left or right foot. It also fits easily into most shoes so you can wear it throughout the day. Available in sizes S-2XL. To determine which size you need, measure the circumference around your ankle just above your ankle bone.

Compression Ankle Support for Sprains & Strains

This ankle brace helps to support and stabilize the foot and ankle during the process of healing. Some other features of the ankle brace include:

  • Made of a material that is lightweight and breathable
  • Constructed of a unique knitted pattern that allows for a four-way stretch
  • Compression supports the holding function of ankle ligaments, thus relieving joint pain
  • Seamless construction provides the user with maximum comfort
  • Helps avoid wrong movements (twisting, bending), by holding the ligaments in place
  • Indicated for ankle sprains, ankle strains, ankle arthrosis, general ankle pain, and ligament instability
  • Easy pull-on application
  • Open-toe design allowing the toes a full range of motion and maximum breathability
  • Can be worn on the left or right foot
  • Fits easily in most shoes
  • White color with blue trim
  • Latex-free
  • Available in sizes S-2XL
Sizing chart for ankle compression sleeve fits ankle circumferences up to 13 inches
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