BraceAbility Philadelphia Hard Cervical Collar

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This Philadelphia collar effectively immobilizes and slightly extends the cervical spine, as necessary following an injury or surgery to the region. This 3-inch high cervical neck brace is molded and shaped to fit most adult patients, and the lightweight, closed-cell foam material makes it more comfortable to wear.
Detailed Description

Philadelphia Collar

When recovering from an injury or surgery to the neck, it is important that the region is held still so that further damage does not occur and the tissues have a chance to heal. The rigid cervical collar immobilizes the cervical (upper) spine by slightly hyper-extending it and reducing rotation.

Cervical spine immobilization may be needed after various surgeries to this area of the spine, such as after fusion surgery, for cervical injuries like a strain of the neck muscles or ligaments (e.g., whiplash), fractures of the spine (stable/simple ones), nerve root irritation, spinal stenosis, reduced dislocations, for degenerative disorders or in emergency situations.

A Philadelphia neck collar can also be used as one transitions away from a halo body jacket.

This cervical neck collar supports the neck in a comfortable manner. It is composed of two pieces of lightweight cell foam material that can be molded and shaped to fit any patient. The foam material of the California collar is comfortable against the skin, as well as free of latex.

The brace features a perforated hole at the front of the neck for ventilation. This opening is also helpful for quick access to the pulse or should an emergency tracheotomy ever be necessary.

Another bonus—the semi-rigid collar for cervical immobilization can be used during an x-ray, CT or an MRI scan. The neck brace is also water resistant, which means it can be used during aqua-therapy or while bathing.

The lateral height (front of neck) of the Philly collar is 3.25 inches. One can select a size to fit his or her neck circumference. Additional fine-tuning in terms of fit can easily be accomplished thanks to the collar’s Velcro closure at the side of the neck. 

A well-fitting collar for the cervical spine is crucial for preventing complications such as hematoma, reduced blood flow or nerve compression.

Cervical Neck Brace for Spinal Injuries

Following trauma, surgery, fracture, dislocation or disc injuries to the cervical spine, a doctor might recommend wearing a rigid, cervical collar. For instance, one might need a Philadelphia neck brace following a traumatic car accident that causes whiplash—damage to the muscles and ligaments of the neck due to a sudden move backward and then forward.

A cervical collar for the neck can be helpful for a number of reasons. For one, it keeps the spine straight so that healing of the spinal cord and ligaments can take place. Also to this end, the Philadelphia neck collar supports and stabilizes the muscles, soft tissues and bones of the neck.

Immobilizing the neck also limits the risk of damage to one’s spinal cord if one is dealing with a vertebra fracture or a slipped disc, for example. The immobilization provided by the semi-rigid collar for the neck also promotes ideal spinal alignment.

Another advantage of the rigid neck brace is that its ability to prevent or limit back-and-forth as well as side-to-side movements enables one to exit bed rest sooner after surgery. This is a good thing since an extended time in bed can lead to pressure sores, blood clots and the like.

Of course, extended use of a rigid neck collar can also cause some problems. Therefore, it is important to follow a doctor’s instructions.

BraceAbility Cervical Neck Collar Features

While wearing a Philly neck brace is not something most hope to do, there are times when this is necessary. The good news is that this rigid neck collar provides support and immobilization one can trust so that patients can heal and get back to normal as quickly as possible. Following are some of the BraceAbility Philadelphia neck collar’s selling points:

  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic foam material [rovides rigid immobilization and support to vulnerable tissues of one’s neck
  • Slightly hyperextends the cervical spine, limiting its ability to rotate, flex and extend
  • Indications: Spinal anomalies, post-operative care, spinal stenosis, degenerative disorders, after traumatic accident, after a dislocated disc reduction, when transitioning from a halo body jacket, whiplash treatment, stable fractures vertebral
  • Lightweight, cell foam material of the tracheotomy collar is molded to fit any patient
  • The loose trachea opening of this neck supporting collar permits easy access to one’s trachea, pulse, bandaging, etc., in addition to improving the breathability of the neck collar
  • Can wear this cervical spine immobilizer during X-rays, CT and MRI scans
  • Water-resistant neck collar is great for bathing and aqua therapy
  • Velcro closures of this immobilizing neck brace allow easy application, removal and adjustment
  • Immobilization collar comes in four sizes fitting neck circumferences ranging from 10 inches to 23 inches; the height of the Philly neck brace is 3.25 inches
  • Neck immobilizing brace is free of latex and comes in a neutral beige color

Sizing Chart

SizeNeck Circumference (see image above)
Small10" - 13"
Medium13" - 16"
Large16" - 19"
X-Large19" - 23"
Measurement taken from circumference of the neck at "Adam's Apple"

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BraceAbility Philadelphia Hard Cervical Collar

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