Pediatric Post Op Shoe for Little Kids

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Navigating the world of medical footwear can be challenging, especially when one is on the hunt for a pediatric post op shoe. This is one of the best children’s shoes for after foot surgery as it reduces pressure on the forefoot and heel, protects the toe area and is quite comfortable to move about in. The rocker bottom post-op shoe can be adjusted to fit either a bare foot or one wrapped in bandages and an ankle strap and padded heel area prevent slippage of the foot.
Detailed Description

Medical Rocker Bottom Shoes for Kids

There are a number of situations where one’s child might be in need of medical walking shoes that reduce pressure on the foot, such as after surgery or to treat ulcers, lesions, deep bruises or pressure points on one’s foot.

Limiting pressure on the wound can limit pain and encourage healing. This particular pediatric surgical shoe reduces pressure on the front and back of the foot by around 25%. 

The insole of the after surgery shoes for boys and girls can be removed and replaced with a pressure relieving insole that fully removes pressure from targeted areas of the foot. The removable insole also permits easy cleaning.

Another benefit of wearing child-size medical rocker sandals is that they allow one to remain active. Besides preventing your child from driving him or herself (and you!) crazy, this also can speed along healing time. Moving about keeps blood flowing to the foot, plus it prevents other muscles from weakening due to inactivity.

And this pediatric medical boot is certainly geared for movement. Its rocker bottom and traction sole increase user comfort and safety. Another safety component of the medical shoe with a rocker bottom is its padded heel area as well as an adjustable ankle strap that holds the foot in place so it does not slip.

The metashank design of the post op boot/shoe also adds support and control to the foot.

The post foot surgery protection shoe for kids is lightweight, thanks to the tricot foam of which it is composed. The post op shoe with toe guard is also surprisingly durable.

The square toe of the rocker bottom boot provides additional protection to the toe area. The squared toe of the post op shoe prevents the toes from rubbing against the side, plus it adds a buffer against outside forces. This also improves the breathability of the small medical shoes.

The Velcro forefoot closure along with the two Velcro and D-ring straps in the area allow a high degree of customization when it comes to the fit of the pediatric post op shoes. One can adjust the stiff-soled shoes for youths to allow for the various stages of post-surgery and post-injury recovery, including bandaging, swelling and an eventual return to normal.

The child-size shoe for broken toes fits little kids sizes 12 to 1. If a larger size is needed, check out the adult version of this post-op shoe support.

What Is a Pediatric Medical Shoe Used For?

There are number of situations where pressure relief and/or foot protection necessitate the use of a post op shoe with a rocker bottom. Obviously, if your child must undergo surgery to repair some injury or abnormality of the foot, he or she will likely need to wear a post-surgery boot of some sort for a period afterward. 

In some cases, full immobilization might be needed immediately following the procedure. This means one’s child will likely need to use crutches and/or wear an immobilizing post-operative boot or cast. Eventually he or she may transition to a post-operative shoe for kids like this that protects the foot and reduces pressure on it, while still allowing movement.

An unpleasant side effect of wound care and a period of immobility can be the formation of pressure ulcers, or damage to the skin and underlying tissue stemming from prolonged pressure on the skin. The heels and ankles are a common site for the formation of bedsores.

This rocker-bottom shoe with soles that can be swapped out for pressure-relieving insoles allows one to treat such injuries without the immobilization that was problematic in the first place.

If your child has diabetes, he or she is also at increased risk of developing such foot sores. Compression stockings to improve blood flow to the feet can help prevent them from occurring.

If a diabetic ulcer does form, a children’s post-op surgical sandal like this can limit pressure on the wound so that healing can occur. Breathability and roominess are important when it comes to diabetic foot care, and this particular post-surgical shoe meets both requirements.

The rocker boot for small kids can also help with deep bruises or other types of lesions to the foot where one would benefit from reduced pressure on the area and/or protection.

Qualities of the Best Kids Shoes for After Surgery, Ulcers, Lesions, Etc.

These post-operative shoes for young kids keep your child mobile while reducing pain and encouraging healing of various injuries to the foot. Following is a list of the many features that help these post-surgery shoes stand out from the crowd.

  • Kids’ surgical walking boot keeps one mobile while reducing pressure on the foot by 25%
  • A great post-surgery shoe; can also treat plantar lesions, ulcers, pressure points and bruises
  • Tricot foam material of the pediatric rocker sole shoes make it lightweight and durable
  • Children’s rocker post-surgical shoes come with traction at the bottom and a metashank design that improve user control of movement
  • Padded heal and adjustable straps at the ankle and forefoot prevent the foot from slipping
  • Open, square toe rocker shoes add a layer of protection against chaffing and outside forces
  • Forefoot closure allows the rocker shoes for kids to be adjusted to accommodate swelling/bandaging
  • Velro/elastic straps make adjustment and application/removal of the pediatric surgical boots easy
  • Black rocker sole slipper fits little kids shoe sizes 12 through 1; for larger sizes, see the adult version
  • Insole of the small surgical walking shoe can be swapped out for specialized insoles and easy cleaning

Sizing Chart

SizeShoe Size
Pediatric 12 - 1
Measure by US Shoe Size.

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L Code: L-3260

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Pediatric Post Op Shoe for Little Kids

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