Youth Knee Compression Sleeve for Kids & Teens

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This youth knee brace for sports and general use supports and protects and supports the knee. The youth knee sleeve also warms and compresses the joint, easing pain or soreness and speeding along healing of a kid’s knee injury.
Detailed Description

Comfortable Youth Knee Brace

BraceAbility offers a number of kids’ knee braces as part of its line of pediatric braces for kids. This particular product features a simple but effective design and an affordable price tag.

This youth knee support is constructed of premium-grade neoprene. This material is lightweight, flexible and comfortable against the skin. It also applies compression, which reduces painful inflammation and encourages blood flow. Neoprene knee braces for kids also warm the joint and enhance blood flow. Besides alleviating knee pain, this can help reduce joint stiffness and reduce any muscle spasms. This material is free of latex.

These features make the kids’ knee support well suited for treating a number of knee injuries, such as  knee sprains and strains, as well as general joint pain or swelling.

The flexible material of neoprene youth knee braces means they can be used for active use, though one may want to consider cooler-fitting kids knee sleeves for frequent sports participation. A low-profile design means this kids’ knee sleeve fits easily and discreetly beneath one’s clothes, so one can easily wear it throughout the day. See more sports knee braces for kids, teenagers and adults.

The closed patella design of this kid knee brace enhances its supportive features and means that the kneecap itself will also be subject to warmth and compression.

Youth Knee Sleeve for Kids’ Knee Injuries

Protecting the knee from further injuries is one of the first steps in treating a knee injury, whether the individual is a child or an adult. This knee support for kids can help to that end with relatively minimal disruption to one’s comfort.

Other lines of defense when it comes to kids’ knee problems include resting the knee and applying compression to reduce inflammation. Swelling often accompanies knee injuries and reducing this via compression and ice can help ease pain and improve joint mobility. Again, this kids’ knee sleeve can help to that end. We also stock a number of cold-therapy products that can help with a knee sprain in a child, teenager or an adult.

The warmth this neoprene knee sleeve applies dilates one’s blood vessels, encouraging blood flow and accelerating healing. This soothes the knee joint and can ease any stiffness that might accompany a knee sprain in children.

Key Features of Kids’ Knee Braces

This girls’ knee brace/boys’ knee brace is a comfortable solution for a variety of sources of youth and teenage knee pain. Following is a breakdown of its selling points:

  • Premium-grade 3/16" thick neoprene knee sleeve for kids is flexible and lightweight
  • Knee brace for children provides support, compression and warmth
  • Cure for kids’ knee injuries fits easily and discreetly beneath one’s clothes
  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Child-size knee sleeve has a posterior seam
  • Latex-free athletic knee brace for kids
  • Open patella & open popliteal (back) to prevent bunching behind the knee for maximum comfort
  • Indications: moderate knee strains or sprains, arthritis, knee injuries
  • This small knee sleeve is Black in color
  • 13" long, 3/16" thick latex-free neoprene

Sizing Chart

Size 6" Above KneecapMiddle of Kneecap
XS16" - 18"12" - 13"
S17" - 19"13" - 14"
Measure the circumference around your leg at Point A and Point B in inches.

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Youth Knee Compression Sleeve for Kids & Teens

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