Kid's Patella Tracking Kneecap Stabilizer for Children

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This adjustable youth knee brace helps stabilize the knee cap, reducing pain. This kids’ patellar stabilizer is easy to put on and adjust thanks to its wrap-around design and hook-and-loop (Velcro) closure. Check out our other kid’s knee braces

Detailed Description

Youth Knee Brace

This kids’ knee support can treat a number of knee injuries and conditions, such as general instability, general knee pain, patella dislocation or patella dysfunction, thanks to its adjustable horseshoe buttress. The horseshoe buttress of this knee support for children is important because it provides for dynamic patellar tracking and prevents the kneecap from popping or sliding out of place. This neoprene buttress attaches to the body of the brace via hook material, permitting one to position it at needed.The brace itself provides both medial and lateral support.

The knee brace for kids is open at the back of the knee (the popliteal area) for added comfort and mobility. The patella support is 1/8” thick, with brushed neoprene material, smooth to wear against the skin. In addition, it will not slide out place (this would render the buttress ineffective). These features make the youth knee support comfortable, as well as well-suited for athletic use. An added convenience is the knee brace for a child can be used on either leg. The brace is also free of latex, which means even those children with allergies can wear the support without skin irritation.  

Kids’ Patella Stabilizer

Instability and/or pain in the patella (kneecap) area can stem from a number of causes.  For instance, a child might have a patella pop out of its normal position due to force, such as during a contact sport, or this might occur as a result of a developmental condition. Another possible source of patella knee pain is a kneecap that tracks abnormally when a child straightens or bends his or her knee. This might be caused by muscle imbalances or weakness, tight or loose muscles or ligaments, damaged cartilage, flat feet or unusual knee formation.

Besides knee pain and instability, such conditions leave the knee more vulnerable to a recurrent injury. Therefore, providing the patellar tracking and support of a horseshoe buttress like that in this patellar stabilizer for kids is often a smart choice.

Popular Knee Support for Children

This children’s patella stabilizer is one of our most popular knee braces for children­—and for good reason. Some of the features that make it a favorite among parents include:

  • Adjustable horseshoe buttress for customized support
  • Provides dynamic patellar tracking
  • 1/8-inch brushed neoprene material for durable, comfortable support
  • The neoprene also ensures the buttress won’t slide out of place
  • Wrap-around design and Velcro closures means kids can easily put on this brace
  • Open popliteal area for user comfort
  • Provides medial and lateral support
  • Fits either leg
  • Fits knee circumference of 8 inches to 12 inches
  • Free of latex
  • Color: black

Sizing Chart

One size - Adjustable. Fits knee circumference of 8" - 12"

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Kid's Patella Tracking Kneecap Stabilizer for Children

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